How big is the Jawa sandcrawler?

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How big is the Jawa sandcrawler?

36.8 meters long
The sandcrawler was 36.8 meters long and 20 meters tall, and could carry 40 tons of cargo up to 30 kilometers per hour.

How big is the Jawa transport?

Eight dwarfs, or JAWAS, as they’re sometimes called, carry Artoo out of the canyon to a huge sandcrawler – a tank-like vehicle the size of a two-story house. Part tank, part building, the Jawa sandcrawler draws a distinctive silhouette against the desert horizon of Tatooine.

How many pieces does the sandcrawler have?

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Number of Pieces 3296
Product Dimensions 22.91 x 18.9 x 6.69 inches; 9.85 Pounds

What happened to the sandcrawler?

Since then they had been abandoned, and were eventually picked up by the Jawas to use as mobile bases. Sandcrawlers were in use on Tatooine during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War.

Where can I buy a Star Wars sandcrawler?

Sandcrawler™ 4.686440677966102 5 75. Recreate unforgettable scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope with this amazing LEGO® incarnation of the Jawas’ desert-going vehicle, the Sandcrawler™. Turn the knob at the rear and steer the Sandcrawler into position, lower the front ramp and offload the droids using the 2 working cranes.

When did the sandcrawler appear in Star Wars?

The sandcrawler first appeared in the 1977 film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, where R2-D2 and C-3PO were transported across the desert terrain of Tatooine.

How many parts are in the 75059 sandcrawler?

75059: Sandcrawler 75059: Sandcrawler Image More images 51 Minifigs 14 Parts 3293 Description 1 Video 1 3D view 1 eBay Buy 2 News 3 Reviews 9 Video reviews 8 Instructions 7 Prices 22 BrickLists 47 Alt. builds .. Tags 21 Links8 Ch. log 6 Set Details Set number 75059-1 Name Sandcrawler Set type Normal Theme group Licensed Theme Star Wars Subtheme

Who are the characters in the sandcrawler Lego set?

Sandcrawler Set type Normal Theme group Licensed Theme Star Wars Subtheme Ultimate Collector Series Year released 2014 Tags View tags » C-3PO Gonk Droid Jawa Luke Skywalker Owen Lars R1 Series Droid R2-A5