How are the traps used in Skylanders Trap Team?

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How are the traps used in Skylanders Trap Team?

Traps are crystal figures used to capture villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. They are made of Traptanium, and are shattered fragments of Cloudcracker Prison. Each trap is associated with an element needed to capture elemental villains. Traps are placed in a slot on the Traptanium Portal when a villain is defeated to capture the villain.

What kind of cat is Trap Shadow in Skylanders?

During development, Trap Shadow originally was a scary character that had a bowie knife. The finest feline tracker of his tribe, Trap Shadow was the go-to cat if you wanted something caught. He mostly keeps to himself. However, since becoming a Skylander, he’s been trying to become a team player.

Where do you get the Kaos trap in Skylanders?

While most of the Traps are translucent, the Kaos Traps are the only ones that are opaque. The inside of Tech and Light Traps are slightly dense. The original is available in single packs. Kaos’ forehead markings are slightly hollowed in. The Ultimate Kaos Trap available exclusively from the Skylanders: Trap Team Dark Edition Starter Packs.

Why do the traps in Skylanders smell like mustard?

Apparently the inside of the traps smell like mustard according to some villains. Villains that mention this are Tussle Sprout, Chompy Mage, Blaster-Tron and Chef Pepper Jack. The reason for this smell may be because like The Ultimate Weapon, Traps need a level of Stinkocity to function, which in this case, is the slight smell of mustard.

Who are the characters in the trap team?

Trap Team Figures. 1 Trap Master Skylanders. Blastermind. Bushwhack. Enigma. Gearshift. Gusto. Head Rush. Jawbreaker. Ka-Boom. Knight Light. Knight Mare. Krypt King. 2 New (Series 1) Skylanders. 3 Returning (Series 2, 3, and 4) Skylanders. 4 Mini Skylanders. 5 Trap Team Magic Items (with Variants)

Which is the fourth game in the Skylanders series?

Skylanders Trap Team is the fourth game in the Skylanders series. Below you will find pictures of every figure and links to get all the information you need on each character. When all is said and done, the Trap Team release will include: