Does Turtle Bay have student discount?

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Does Turtle Bay have student discount?

We don’t offer any student discount, but you can get 2’4’1 cocktails every day!

Does Turtle Bay do 50% off?

Turtle Bay Restaurants will be participating in the government’s Eat Out To Help Out scheme in August! This means you can get 50% off all Turtle Bay food and soft drinks Mon – Weds throughout August.

Is Turtle Bay bottomless brunch worth it?

Overall I thought the Bottomless Brunch was brilliant value at Turtle Bay. The bar and restaurant had a great atmosphere to it. The drinks were served really promptly at the bar area and there were no huge gaps between our drinks.

Can under 18s go to Turtle Bay?

Children are 100% welcome in the restaurant everyday. We ask that below 18’s are not to be stood at the bar. All under 18’s must be out of the bar area by 9pm. over a year ago.

Is there a dress code for Turtle Bay?

Generally it’s long trousers and closed in shoes for men. Teens might be a bit more relaxed but no shorts or flip flops. Better to go prepared than be embarassed. I’ve seen people turned away at dinner when inappropriately dressed.

What should I wear to Turtle Bay?

Smart tailored shorts, trousers, slacks, short-sleeve shirts, polo shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes or sandals are accepted in the Blue Turtle, the main restaurant and pizza garden for dinner. Shorts are not accepted in the Blue Turtle in the evening.

What food do Turtle Bay serve?

Sticky Ginger Pudding (v) Chilli Chocolate Brownie (ve)

  • small plates. breakfast & brunch 7.5.
  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese (v) +1.0. Grilled Halloumi (v) +1.0.
  • SIDES 3.4.
  • Spiced Fries (ve) Sweet Potato Fries (ve)
  • mains. something sweet.
  • Honey Bunny Yardbird +1.0.
  • bottomless brunch 28.5.
  • What do you wear to bottomless brunch?

    Brunch outfit ideas

    • Jeans and a nice top! No matter what the occasion, “jeans and a nice top” is always a winner!
    • Comfort and style. The vast majority of brunch events are held during the day and, if you’re out for the long haul, comfortable shoes are a must.
    • The mini skirt.

    How many drinks can you have at Turtle Bay bottomless brunch?

    More than just a boozy brunch, we’re talking UNLIMITED cocktails…. 2 hours of unlimited cocktails, mocktails and Red Stripe (and bellinis and prosecco!) EVERY SINGLE DAY – last sitting at 3pm Mon – Sat & 5pm Sundays.

    Can you wear shorts at Turtle Bay?

    Can you wear trainers at Turtle Bay?

    Totally free to wear whatever you like.

    Is Turtle Bay food spicy?

    “How spicy is this going to be?” At Turtle Bay our focus is all on flavour – so whilst most of our dishes will have plenty of spices – like cumin or ginger – they’re not all going to knock your socks off with scores of Scotch Bonnet.