Does Rejuvenate floor Restorer really work?

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Does Rejuvenate floor Restorer really work?

They say it brings their floors back to life, fills in scratches, restores the original shine, and works like magic! However, just like Bona customers, dissatisfied Rejuvenate customers complain that it leaves behind a film, it does NOT fill in scratches and does NOT protect against future scratches.

What is the best wood floor polish?

  1. OUR TOP PICK: Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer.
  2. EDITORS CHOICE: Bona Hardwood Floor Polish (High Gloss)
  3. BEST VALUE: Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner.
  4. RUNNER UP: Quick Shine High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster and Polish.
  5. RUNNER UP: Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish.

Is Mop and Glo good for hardwood floors?

We do not recommend using Mop & Glo or any other acrylic cleaning polishes on your sealed hardwood floors. The result will only be a mess. It will be more work to clean up the residue than it was to apply the Mop & Glo!

How long does Rejuvenate floor Restorer last?

3 to 6 months
The application of Rejuvenate Floor Restorer can last 3 to 6 months, depending on floor traffic, after which point you can re-apply and continue to enjoy that spectacular finish and shine. Rejuvenate Floor Shine Refresher typically lasts 1-3 months.

Is rejuvenate good for wood floors?

For hardwood floors, we recommend our Wood Floor Professional Restorer that is available in both a High Gloss or Satin finish. Rejuvenate® Professional Wood Floor Restorer is meant to be used on hardwood floors ONLY. Do not use this product on laminates or any other flooring surface besides hardwood or engineered wood.

How can I make my dull wood floors shine?

How to shine wood floor with home-made polish

  1. Mix about a quarter cup (60ml) of distilled vinegar in every one gallon (3.8 L) warm water and mix well for effective action.
  2. Add a few drops of essential oil to the solution.
  3. Dampen the mop and wring properly to avoid excess solution from spilling on the floor.

Is Murphy Oil soap bad for wood floors?

Whether you’re cleaning one area or all of your flooring, Murphy® Oil Soap is safe to use on hardwood floors.

What works better than Mop and Glo?

Borax, which is available in most laundry aisles as a detergent booster, preserves shine even on waxed vinyl and won’t require a rinse. Dissolve a few teaspoons of borax powder into a gallon of warm water, then apply the mixture to your vinyl floors with the same type of mop you’d use with Mop & Glo.

How do you rejuvenate old hardwood floors?

How to Revitalize Floors

  1. First, give your floor a good cleaning.
  2. Next, apply the revitalizer according to the package instructions.
  3. Use your mop to spread the revitalizer on the floor.
  4. Once the revitalizer is spread evenly, let it dry fully before you move furniture back in place or allow foot traffic on the floors.

What kind of Polish do you use on hardwood floors?

Perhaps you are looking for a simple rejuvenation for your floors and would appreciate a quick-drying polish. On this roundup, you will also find multipurpose polishes that can be used on other types of floors, so you may be able to clean up your whole home.

How long does a floor Police MOP last?

Use just water on the powerful microfiber pads or spray on your favorite cleaner and keep your entire home sparkling clean! The Floor Police motorized mop is cordless and features a powerful electric motor and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that delivers 90 minutes of run time so you can easily go from room to room to room – all on one charge.

What kind of surfaces can you clean with cleanboss?

CleanBoss provides a fast & powerful clean on virtually every single hard and soft surface: Kitchen, Bath, Windows, Furniture, Baby Toys, Cell Phones & Keyboards, Glass, Stainless Steel, Glazed Tile, Metal, Sealed Wood, Sealed Fiberglass, Sealed Marble, Granite, Couches, Carpets, Upholstery, Leather and so much more.