Does Natsume love Mikan?

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Does Natsume love Mikan?

Natsume Hyūga (日向 棗 Hyūga Natsume) is the male protagonist of Gakuen Alice. Introduced as a rival, Natsume later goes on to become the love interest and eventual husband of Mikan Sakura….

Natsume Hyūga
Partner(s) Mikan Sakura
Professional Status
Affiliation Alice Academy
Personal Status

Is Mikan older than Natsume?

476 Shalom » by Ritu Natsume’s parents take in a girl, Mikan, who can’t speak. Even though he is 6 years older than her, they become best friends. After a tragedy all they have left is each other.

Why did Mikan leave Gakuen?

When she heard rumors that students were treated like slaves in Alice Academy (which she felt was a possibility, since the government gave money to the parents for sending their children to the school), Mikan left her grandfather and her home to go after Hotaru by herself.

Will Gakuen Alice have a remake?

Still, even with the appeal of another season, or reboot, it’s unfortunately unlikely. Gakuen Alice is a hidden gem throughout Shoujo, and very underrated at that.

Who is Aoi in Gakuen Alice?

Aoi Hyūga (日向 葵 Hyūga Aoi) is the cheerful younger sister of Natsume Hyūga, appearing mainly in the manga.

Who died in Gakuen Alice?

He kept on training Serio and also wished that one day, Serio would be able to go to the outside world. However, Serio accidentally killed Izumi under the influence of ESP. He felt guilty for killing Izumi, and he carried the sadness and guilty feeling until he was adult.

Did Mikan really lose her Alice?

The HSP tells Mikan that she had lost her Alice from when she stopped Natsume’s flames. Saddened that she is no longer an Alice and that she may not be able to save Natsume, Mikan breaks down. But the HSP offers her a last chance to save Natsume from dying. He gives her her own Alice stone.

Why is there no season 2 of Gakuen Alice?

However, it has been fifteen years since it last appeared on the screens. Besides, its manga series already ended in 2013. Therefore, the anime adaptation has nothing left to promote. Thus, the chances for Gakuen Alice Season 2 to ever release is almost zero.

Do Natsume and Mikan end up together?

Four years later, Natsume reunited with Mikan and helps her regain her memories, and they share a happy reunion. They rekindle their relationship and begin wearing matching engagement rings. After Mikan graduated from the academy, she and Natsume get married.

How did Gakuen Alice end?

The series ends with Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka beginning their journey to find Hotaru, rushing towards the sunset, with the words:THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING written in the sand.

Who is the villain in Gakuen Alice?

Rei Serio
Persona (ペルソナ Persona) was known as Rei Serio (芹尾零 Serio Rei) when he was a child. Persona is a mysterious teacher who wears a mask at all times….

Rei Serio
Alice Academy
School Alice Academy
School Positions OB
Professional Status

Who is Luna in Gakuen Alice?

Luna Koizumi (小泉 月 Koizumi Runa) is the former friend of Yuka Azumi who now holds complete hatred towards her and Mikan Sakura (Yuka’s daughter). Luna causes problems between Mikan and Natsume Hyūga by taking on a twelve year-old form.

How does Natsume feel about Mikan in Gakuen Alice?

Sometimes, Natsume can be rude with Mikan and bicker with her. However, other times he is gentle and kind towards her, and becomes blunt about his feelings. Once they finally confessed to each other, Natsume openly declared his desire to be with Mikan and proposed marriage to her, which surprised their friends.

Who are the main characters in Gakuen Alice?

Natsume Hyūga (日向 棗 Hyūga Natsume) is the male protagonist ofGakuen Alice. Introduced as a rival, Natsume later goes on to become the love interest and eventual husband of Mikan Sakura. Natsume possesses the Fire Alice, which is unusually strong (due to his Alice Shape), so he was categorized as…

Who is Natsume Hyuga’s sister in Gakuen Alice?

Natsume is a smart student but often, he ditches classes. He has many followers and has Ruka Nogi as his best friend. He has a sister named Aoi Hyūga, who was held captive by Persona. His mother is Kaoru Hyūga who possessed the Memory Manipulating Alice.

Who is the voice of Mikan in Gakuen Alice?

Mikan is voiced by Kana Ueda with a strong Kansai dialect. Mikan is an optimistic, cute, athletic and good-natured girl, but her clumsiness lands her into trouble.