Can you use Zanmato on penance?

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Can you use Zanmato on penance?

I had probably used Zanmato about 15-20 times before I got to Penance. And when I got to Penance, he used it on the first try. Also – I would always do a soft reset if Yojimbo ever used his dog to attack, as that actually reduces your “affection” with him and lowers the odds of Zanmato being performed.

What does Yojimbo do with the Gil?

Yojimbo will counteroffer with 202,500 gil and the player should offer 141,751 gil. Yojimbo will then give his final price of 190,350 gil, which the player can accept. If the player pays Yojimbo triple what he is asking at any point, he will give two Teleport Spheres as a token of appreciation.

Is penance an Aeon?

Although it’s necessary to defeat all the Dark Aeons to face him, Penance isn’t considered a Dark Aeon or fiend. The words “Ten botsu” are inscribed on a plate on the front of Penance in Spiran script.

How much HP does Dark Yojimbo have?

Dark Yojimbo Basic Information

Name Dark Yojimbo
HP(Overkill) 1600000 (99999) 999
AP(Overkill) 30000 (40000)
Drop (7/8) Dark Matter 1 (2) Master Sphere 1 (2)
steal (3/4) Stamina Tonic 2 Elixir 1

How much HP do dark aeons have?

Once the player defeats the Dark Aeons, Penance will appear as an option on the destination selection screen on the Fahrenheit. It is a superboss unrelated to the Dark Aeons that boasts 12,000,000 HP for the main body, and 500,000 HP for the arms.

Which is more dangerous dark Yojimbo or zanmato?

Zanmato is the most dangerous attack because it removes the Auto-Lifestatus effect. This means that if it hits your characters its pretty much “Game Over”. The most effective way to survive it is to defeat Dark Yojimbo before it gets to use its Overdrive or to have Yuna summon an Aeon to take the blow of Zanmato.

How to pay Yojimbo to zanmato for the least Gil final?

Instead, soft re-start from the last save and make sure to ONLY have a positive number being added to Compatibility when you PAY Yojimbo. 5) Every once in awhile, Yojimbo will “volunteer” to firststrike “for free” without being paid.

What’s the formula for zanmato in Final Fantasy?

The formula being: for HD/PAL F = 4, for NTSC F = 2. The compatibility parameter of Yojimbo to Yuna. It starts at 128 and caps at 255. It increases by 1 or 3 if Yojimbo uses Wakizashi against single or multiple enemies respectively and by 4 if Yojimbo uses Zanmato.

What’s the worst thing you can do to Yojimbo?

Yojimbo attacks using his dog (which never actually happened to me before) 3. You call Yojimbo back right after you summoned him 4. Worst thing you can do: Pay him 0 gil (he will withdraw if you do that, chances of zanmato will decrease dramatically)