Can you still subscribe to Glamour magazine?

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Can you still subscribe to Glamour magazine?

The editor added that the magazine might still publish occasional print issues centered on its annual Women of the Year award or topics like power and money. Online access to Glamour will remain free for now; it has not been determined how the special print issues will be made available.

Where is Glamour located?

New York, NY
Glamour Magazine New York, NY.

How do I contact Glamour magazine?

For members of the press looking for more information regarding Glamour please contact [email protected]

Is Glamour still in print?

Condé Nast-owned Glamour magazine is the latest women’s magazine to ditch print in favor of a digital audience, reports The New York Times. Just a year ago, Glamour went from 12 issues down to 11, but now it is ending its regular print edition altogether.

How often is Glamour magazine released?

In January, GLAMOUR will become the hottest and most exciting UK beauty destination online. We will also publish very special editions of GLAMOUR magazine twice a year – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter issues will appear in March and October 2018.

What is the difference between glamor and Glamour?

Glamour is the standard spelling of the word. Glamor is an alternative, though nonstandard, spelling.

What is the purpose of Glamour magazine?

Glamour editors help readers to be the first to learn about current trends in fashion, makeup and hairstyle, combine easily the huge brands with ordinary ones, select the accessories correctly and effectively.

Is Allure magazine still in print?

And print is still part of Allure keeping it’s authority in beauty. “As a brand, we’re committed to it, the company is so committed and there’s a growing interest in beauty,” Lee said.

Does Cosmo need a subscription?

But the membership program requires a separate subscription ’cause of all the juicy bonus stuff that comes with it. Feel free to sign up here for the annual option, which includes another year of the print mag, or here for the monthly digital-only option.