Can you still buy regional at best?

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Can you still buy regional at best?

Regional at Best is a discontinued album. Some of the album’s tracks are available through the music streaming service Pandora. The full album is only available on Deezer.

Why did Twenty One Pilots stop selling regional at best?

Regional At Best was discontinued in 2013 by the band’s record label, Fueled By Ramen. FBR’s reasoning is believed to be because some of the songs on this were re-recorded and released in the band’s 2013 album, Vessel.

Is regional at best on vinyl?

Twenty One Pilots – Regional At Best (2017, Clear, Vinyl) – Discogs.

How do you get regional best on Spotify?

Now, here’s a step-by-step guide of how I did this.

  1. Once you’ve downloaded all of Regional At Best, open up your Spotify on desktop.
  2. Visit the “Local Files” section of Spotify.
  3. Right-click all of Regional At Best, and add it to a playlist.
  4. Now, you should be able to click on RaB.
  5. Now, you’ll see something like this.

Why is regional at best hard to find?

Fueled By Ramen have made it impossible for fans to purchase or even download this album due to copyright laws, since a few songs were remade on Vessel they now own the rights to those songs and can no longer release Regional at Best.

When did Josh Dun join 21 pilots?

How did Josh and Tyler Joseph meet? Josh joined Twenty One Pilots in May 2011 after former drummer Chris Salih left the band.

What is the Twenty One Pilots logo?

There’ve been many rumors about the meaning of the old logo, yet Tyler Joseph said it was “something that only I understand.” According to Tyler’s explanation, the logo is somehow linked to the song Kitchen Sink. He claimed that the emblem is “something that only I understand”, and in this way, it gave him purpose.

How many regional at best vinyls were made?

Studio albums

Title Album details Sales
Twenty One Pilots Released: December 29, 2009 Label: Self-released Format: CD, DL, LP US: 115,000
Regional at Best Released: July 8, 2011 Label: Self-released Format: CD, DL US: 3,000
Vessel Released: January 8, 2013 Label: Fueled by Ramen (531792) Format: CD, CS, DL, LP

Why is no Phun intended not on Spotify?

Missing or unavailable music is almost always a decision by the artist/label to withhold the content from Spotify. Sometimes it’s temporarily unavailable while they sort out legal issues or correct metadata, in which case it’ll be back up as soon as they resubmit it to Spotify.

Who are the two guys on the vessel album?

The two elderly men pictured on the album cover are Joseph and Dun’s grandfathers.

Is regional at best copyrighted?

Regional At Best wasn’t copyrighted until recently. If you’re wondering, Warner Musix Group (WMG) was behind the claims . What do you guys think this means? Ok, here’s the thing.

When did regional at best by Twenty One Pilots come out?

Regional at Best is the second studio album by American music duo Twenty One Pilots. It was self-released on July 8, 2011. Regional at Best is a discontinued album. It is the last album released by the band prior to signing a record deal with Fueled by Ramen, and it is the first album to feature the talents of Josh Dun who joined

Who are the members of Twenty One Pilots?

Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots About Twenty One Pilots • Tyler Joseph • Josh Albums Twenty One Pilots • Regional at Best • V EPs Three Songs • Migraine (EP) • Holding on Singles Holding on to You • Guns for Hands • Lov

Which is the best song by Twenty One Pilots?

“Blurryface” was such a step up for Twenty One Pilots. Everything about it, even the album cuts like “Not Today” and “Goner,” feel heavy in weight. Tyler Joseph is a self-admitted walking contradiction, which makes his songs, especially the ones on “Blurryface,” so intriguing. 46. “Smithereens” 45. “Anathema” 44. “Be Concerned” 43. “Fake You Out”

Where did twenty one pilot play in Cleveland?

In honor of Twenty One Pilot’s free concert in Cleveland on Friday as part of MLB All-Star week, we’ve ranked every song in the band’s catalog. To clarify, we included everything that was officially released on an album, bonus cut or single. Remix’s and live versions do NOT count.