Can you embroider on lace?

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Can you embroider on lace?

Freestanding lace can be one of the most dazzling things about machine embroidery. Stitch out a specially digitized lace design onto water-soluble stabilizer, then rinse the stabilizer away, leaving only the stitches in a beautiful, airy pattern.

What thread do you use for free-standing lace?

We recommend using a 70/10 microtex needle when using DecoBob. You can even make thread lace with cotton, which is a good choice for when you want a piece with a matte finish.

What thread do you use for needle lace?

For your first needle lace project I suggest using either a tatting or crochet thread.. For the demonstration I used Fil a Dentelles from DMC, which is a size 80 thread often used for tatting. As you get more experienced you can use finer threads, for more delicate lace.

What is the best stabilizer for free standing lace?

Vilene Water Soluble Embroidery Stabilizer & Backing – Wash Away – for Free Standing Lace 20″x10yd Roll

  • Brand: Vilene.
  • This wash away stabilizer is the ideal stabilizer for lace or other free standing embroidery designs. Not a Film – looks and feels like fabric.

What is FSL in embroidery?

Choose a design that says it is either for “free standing lace” or “FSL”. Regular embroidery designs are made so that the fabric keeps the design together. No fabric and the threads will just unravel. FSL designs are stitched in a way that the thread keeps the design together.

What is a lace fabric needle?

Needle lace is lace made with needle and thread, normally on a fabric ground and often with parts of the fabric cut away. Some types of needle lace are not worked on fabric, but rather on paper or tissue, and once removed from the tissue, the resulting piece of needle lace is then attached to the fabric.

What does FSL mean in embroidery?

FSL means Free Standing Lace…….Its a lacy design that does not need fabric to be stitched on. You use a WSS (Water Soluable Stabilizer) WSS washes out when it hits the water. The designs come out lacy looking and then can be used ‘alone’ or added to other projects.

What do you need to know about embroidering lace?

Once your embroidery hoop is loaded with water soluble stabilizer, set it up in your machine and let it stitch away! Keep an eye on your embroidery as it stitches to ensure there aren’t any thread breaks or tension problems. When the design is stitched out, take it out of the embroidery hoop and trim the excess stabilizer.

Where can I buy freestanding lace embroidery machine?

If you don’t like or don’t have any suitable freestanding lace designs that come with your embroidery machine, there are plenty of online resources to download some new ones. You can find a lot of beautiful designs for sale at 3.

What kind of thread to use for lace?

However, if you want an easy project without worrying about thread breakage issues or tension problems, then we strongly recommend using a finer bobbin thread, such as DecoBob 80wt thread. While the backside won’t look exactly the same as the front, you can still colour match and create a beautiful thread lace design.

Do you need a machine to make lace?

You’ll need an embroidery machine to make this lace and suitable embroidery designs, and there are many such designs available for most machines. If you want to download designs from the Internet , you’ll also need embroidery software compatible with your machine.