Can men wear Baby-G watches?

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Can men wear Baby-G watches?

Nowadays, the name Baby-G literally just means mini G-Shock, just like the iPad mini is a smaller version of the iPad. So the answer is yes, you can buy Baby-Gs if you are a guy because they’re simply just compact versions of G-Shocks.

What’s so good about Baby-G watches?

Baby-G is tough Sporty babes can’t live without a watch that keeps up with their active lifestyles. The Baby-G G-Lide BGA180 has a fine resin protector band that’s high resistant to discolouration and chemicals; and stays good as new even after hours on a skater girl’s wrist.

Which is better G-SHOCK or Baby-G?

The Baby-G is the women’s version of a G-Shock. It has the same functionality as a G-Shock in terms of its resistance. It also has alarms, a countdown timer, a stopwatch and an hourly chime. Baby-Gs are equally known for being hard-wearing and hold onto their value.

Can Baby-G watches get wet?

With its robust G-SHOCK-like case and bezel structures protecting sensitive parts from all-directional dropping shocks, Baby-G supports women’s active lifestyles, including sports and various outdoor activities. All Baby-G models are equipped with 100m or 200m water resistance.

Why are BABY-G watches so expensive?

How Much Do G-Shock Watches Cost? Since the G-Shock family is so huge, G-Shocks prices vary wildly: anywhere from $80-$9000! You can often get G-Shocks much cheaper on Amazon (but not always) Supply and demand can often push the price higher than retail especially if it’s a discontinued model.

Are BABY-G watches for girls?

25 years ago BABY-G became known for its ‘Pretty Tough’ watches. Today they are as practical as they are pretty, embracing all shapes, colours and sizes for all women and lifestyles.

Is Baby-G unisex?

As you’ve probably guessed by the first paragraph, the answer is an emphatic yes! Sure there are a lot of feminine looking Baby-Gs, but there are quite a few Unisex models as well. Heck some of them, if you didn’t know that Baby-Gs are marketed for women, you’d think they were just Boys watches.

Why are Baby-G watches so expensive?

How long can Baby-G last?

Its shelf life is ten years in room temperature after which it goes through gradual degradation. G Shock watches are known to last a lifetime, but the bands wear out after prolonged use.

Can Baby G swim?

20-bar water resistance You can wear your G-SHOCK in all sorts of situations, from working with water in daily life and taking a shower to participating in water activities such as swimming, surfing or jet skiing.

Can I take my G-SHOCK in the ocean?

Is G-Shock Saltwater / Seawater resistant? G-Shocks can handle saltwater fine – just remember to wash your G-Shock watch after taking a swim in the ocean. The saltwater will be a problem if you don’t rinse your watch properly after exposure.

Who is the designer of the Baby G Shock watch?

Baby G Shock Watches. Developed by the design team at Casio G Shock, this is a game-changing development in shock watches. The designers behind this cutting-edge watch followed a vision for creating a watch that is truly shock resistant. Today, it’s all part of an incredibly hip women’s watch line: Baby-G.

What kind of Watch is the Baby G?

BABY-G, the casual watch for active women, announces new Decora style models based on Japanese kawaii culture. Get hip-hop retro with dance-inspired blue jelly BA130CV-2A designed in collaboration with RIEHATA.

When was the first Casio Baby G Watch released?

The first BABY-G shock-resistant watch for women was released in 1994 and celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

What are the new colors of Baby G?

Baby-G introduces a whole new color palette of glossy solids into the line-up. With vivid colors, metallic dials and matching LCDs, these new colors are sure to make a splash. Baby-G introduces a whole new color palette of glossy solids into the line-up, with vivid colors, metallic dials and matching LCDs.