Can I track an order with an order number?

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Can I track an order with an order number?

Can I track a package with the order number? Usually, no. The tracking number and order number are two different numbers.

How do I track my HP order?

For order status, please visit Store order status and sign in to your account or use your order number and email address to get order status. Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive an update email which will include the tracking number for your order.

How do I know if my Shopee order is confirmed?

You will be able to know the status of your order on the My Shop page. Go to the Me tab, then Tap My Shop and tap To Ship, Cancelled, or Return/Refund in My Sales. Orders that you need to fulfill by arranging the order and scheduling orders for pickup or drop off.

How can I track my order without a tracking number?

How to Track a Package Without a Tracking Number?

  1. Contact the recipient. Maybe the package has already arrived at its destination and you, as the sender, still do not have any updates on it.
  2. Contact the courier company.
  3. Check the receipt.

How can I check my courier status online?

Professional Courier Tracking

  1. Go to the official website,
  2. In the ‘Track N Trace’ section on the homepage, enter the consignment / reference number in the input form and click the Track button.
  3. All the details such as current package location, delivery status, dates, e.t.c. will be displayed.

How long does it take for HP to deliver?

Typically, you should expect to receive delivery of your order within 48 hours, however for remote or offshore destinations delivery will normally be within 72 hours. You will receive a notification email once your order is shipped from our warehouse.

How many days does Shopee delivery take?

Any update on the tracking of your order will reflect every 24-48 hours. When your order is “On Delivery”, always check your tracker. To know when to expect an order to arrive, click here….Information.

Origin Metro Manila
Destination 4 – 6 days
4 – 8 days
7 – 12 days
7 – 12 days

How do I know when my package will arrive?

Can I predict when my USPS package will be delivered?

  • Navigate to Service Commitment.
  • Enter the origin and destination zip codes, as well as the ship date.
  • Select Continue.
  • The Expected Delivery Dates will be displayed for each service: