Are there any easy trails at windrock?

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Are there any easy trails at windrock?

Windrock Trail-System 73,000 acres of land with over 300 miles of trails…it’s time to play! What are the trails like, you ask? EASY: Hit those gravel roads for a fun, scenic drive. MODERATE: Some dirt, some rocks and some ruts make these trails a bit more exciting.

What is the hardest trail at windrock?

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult Trail Length: 2.1m Location: Little Fodderstock Mountain Features: This trail climbs around Little Fodderstack Mountain.

What does it cost to ride at windrock?

This permit is your trail access! Each person must have one….Windrock Park Land Use Permits.

Permit Costs*
Daily Permit $25.51 $12.76
Two Day Permit $41.91 $20.05
Three Day Permit $54.67 $27.33
Four Day Permit $63.78 $31.89

Do you have to wear a helmet at windrock?

A common question asked is “are helmets required?” The answer is YES if you are under 18 years of age. If you are 18 or older, we recommend all users wear helmets. Due to the mountainous terrain, helmets, pads and heavy-duty boots and clothing are highly recommended.

How big is Royal Blue ATV park?

200,000 acres
Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort connects to the Tennessee WMA called Royal Blue and Sundquist and offers over 600 miles of trails covering 200,000 acres.

How do you get to windrock by train?

Train can be accessed off of 116 and is located behind the closed Southern Coal Corporation coal mine. 116 can be accessed from the Windrock trails, exiting trail G6 onto 116.

Can you drink beer at windrock?

General Rules Responsible consumption of alcohol is permitted in the CAMPGROUND ONLY! NO ALCOHOL ON THE TRAIL SYSTEM! Our Security Team performs regular cooler checks throughout the property. Windrock Park Campground is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property.

Do you have to wear helmets at Ride Royal Blue?

All riders must wear a protective DOT helmet, goggles and use a seatbelt if in a Side by Side. DO NOT RACE ON THE ROADWAYS. Ride Royal Blue Resort works to maintain a family friendly environment.

Are jeeps allowed at Ride Royal Blue?

Royal Blue ATV Resort We feature countless trails suited for all skill levels. Not only do we cater to ATV’s but also to SxS’s, trail bikes, 4 wheel drive trucks, rail buggies, jeeps and mountain bikes.

Can you drink at Ride Royal Blue?

You staying at Ride Royal Blue Campground? Exhaust will be fine. Find the waterfalls and hike down to the one off trail 14. Alcohol is fine in moderation but the rangers do occasionally cruise the trails and check for passes.

Where is the abandoned train at windrock?

The train is located behind what was once a thriving coal mine’s washer plant. It is located at 7666 New River Highway Briceville TN or about 5 miles past Brushy Mountain State Pen.

Can you ride at night at windrock?

You can ride at night. And there is No Alchol allowed on the trails. They have trail patrol and they enforce this.

How big is Windrock ATV Lodge in Tennessee?

Imagine enjoying approximately 250,000 acres of beautiful East Tennessee mountain scenery containing hundreds of miles of rugged off-road trails, perfect for the wild at heart. Imagine a great day of riding with your friends and, at the end of the day, heading back to a comfortable lodge with everything you need to rest up for another day of fun.

How many miles of trails at Windrock Park?

The huge park features over 300 miles of trails that range from easy gravel roads to extreme rock crawls and everything in between. There are trails to accomodate all types of vehicles including ATVs, SxS, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, Jeeps/4x4s, buggies and trucks. UTV rentals are also available.

Where is Windrock Land Company located in Tennessee?

Windrock Land Company (formerly The Coal Creek Company), was established in 1872. The Company currently owns and manages over 73,000 acres in East Tennessee located in Anderson, Campbell, Morgan and Roane Counties. Windrock’s corporate headquarters are in Knoxville, Tennessee.

How big is Coal Creek Mountain in TN?

Let us paint a picture of a truly fun time. Imagine enjoying approximately 250,000 acres of beautiful East Tennessee mountain scenery containing hundreds of miles of rugged off-road trails, perfect for the wild at heart.