Are the Moonshine Bandits Outlaws MC?

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Are the Moonshine Bandits Outlaws MC?

That includes Bird and Tex of country-rap duo Moonshine Bandits, a band that served as one of the earliest voices in the hybrid genre. While Bird is originally from Tishomingo, Miss., he and his family moved to central California in 1990.

Are the Moonshine Bandits still together?

The duo formed in California in 2003 and has released a number of albums, the most recent being The Whiskey Never Dries released in August 2019….

Moonshine Bandits
Years active 2003–present
Labels Suburban Noize AVJ Records MSB Entertainment
Associated acts Colt Ford Durwood Black The Lacs Bubba Sparxxx

Where are the Moonshine Bandits from?

Los Banos, California, United States
Moonshine Bandits/Origin

Who is the girl in the Moonshine Bandits video?

Kristin Ferry – Home | Facebook.

Who is the drummer for the Moonshine Bandits?

Colt Luther Strickland
Colt Luther Strickland (@drummerc45) • Instagram photos and videos.

When did the Moonshine Bandits come to California?

Since their formation in Los Banos California in 2003 the Moonshine Bandits have continued a campaign of crossover genre-bending musical mayhem that appeals to the eclectic, color-outside-the-lines tastes of listeners, aka The Shiners, and they fiercely refuse to have their tastes confined and filed into categories.

Who are the Moonshine Bandits in Lake Havasu?

Just like the rumrunners, bootleggers, smugglers and outlaws of old – the Moonshine Bandits provide a supply of the goods for the demand, defying the mandates and trends of mainstream pop culture. The course of their career has seen ups and downs, hard partying and self-reflection.

What was the philosophy of the Moonshine Bandits?

It’s all part of a journey filled with good, bad and even some ugly, but ultimately the Moonshine Bandit philosophy is summed up by Tex and Bird’s joint statement – “We always felt there aren’t stops or boundaries if you pave your own lane.”