Are sandtoft roof tiles good?

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Are sandtoft roof tiles good?

For roofs that require a low pitch, the Sandtoft Standard pattern interlocking tile is both easy to install and highly durable. These are recommended for use when re-tiling and can be used on roof pitches as low as 17.5°.

Who makes sandtoft tiles?

the Wienerberger group
Sandtoft, part of the Wienerberger group have been manufacturing high quality roof tiles for decades. Roofing tile ranges include those crafted from concrete and clay, materials proven to offer brilliant durability and longevity.

How do you stop roof tiles from rattling?

Firstly small heavy roof tiles or slates are less affected by rattling….Tips

  1. Avoid large format interlocking tiles and slates, especially if they are light in weight, in windy locations.
  2. Choose a screw fixing in place of a nail fixing for plain tiles and natural slates in windy locations.

What size are clay tiles?

How Many Clay Roof Tiles Do I Need Per Square Metre?

Type Size Square Metre Coverage
Koramic Actua 472 x 303mm 10.5 tiles per m²
Koramic Modula Tile 445 x 330mm 9.7 tiles per m²
Marley Hawkins Single Camber 265 x 165mm 60 tiles per m²
Sandtoft 20/20 330 x 226mm 22.7 tiles per m²

What are the best roof tiles to use?

Concrete tiles can be a good alternative to ceramic tiles as they are less prone to breakage and look similar to ceramic tiles. Concrete tiles are made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water. The result is a tile that is very heavy, easy to install and less expensive than slate tiles.

Are clay tiles better than concrete?

Due to this, concrete tiles are only suitable for roof structures that have a high level of reinforcement. Clay tiles are more expensive than concrete – approximately 20% more. However, clay is better suited to most applications which is why despite the extra cost, clay is more popular.

What is a double Pantile?

The Double Pantile is a concrete interlocking tile with double ‘S’ shaped profile. This distinctive profile creates ridges and furrows which in turn produces one of the most elegant and distinctive roofscapes available. These tiles make an economical choice as only 10 tiles are required per m ².

How many tiles do I need for my roof?

Roof tile manufacturers make this easier by stating the number of tiles per metre squared. To be on the safe side, we recommend rounding up to the nearest ten. In this instance, we would suggest 3,470 tiles to be sure there are enough tiles to complete your project.

Do roof tiles rattling in wind?

‘Chatter’ in high winds is an unavoidable phenomenon associated with most roofing tiles and slates. The sound, which can be heard within the building, is caused by the tails of the tiles or slates being lifted and then dropped by the wind forces. Sometimes the problem is restricted to a small area of roof.

What do clay tiles look like?

Tiles can range in color, coming in shades of white, yellow, orange, and even brown. However, the most common color of clay tile you can find is Terra-cotta. The high temperatures used to bake clay tiles helps bond the color so it will never peel or fade. They are a durable roofing option and highly insulating.

Are clay tile roofs good?

Top quality clay roof tiles are among the most durable roofing materials. They’re affordable in the long run. Because of their long lifespan, installation and maintenance costs are considerably lower than other materials in the long run. They can withstand disasters.

What kind of clay is used for Sandtoft roof tiles?

Each Humber tile is made with the finest quality alluvial clay from the planes of the river Humber. Offers exceptional durability, the Humber tile will never fade; weathering and maturing naturally to create a roof of character and elegant charm. Complements other Sandtoft clay tiles such as the 20/20 and the Pantile.

Who is the manufacturer of Sandtoft roof tiles?

Sandtoft clay tiles are the latest range of tiles from Wienerberger, a leading provider of roofing, wall and landscaping materials with over 100 years of experience as a market leader in the industry.

What are the different types of Sandtoft tiles?

Sandtoft roof tiles are available in a range of colours and profiles, including; Double Pantile, Double Roman, Standard Pattern and Calderdale to name but a few.

Which is cheaper clay or slate roof tiles?

Although, clay roof tiles are similarly priced to slate roof tiles at between £30 and £40 per square meter. With a lifespan in excess of 60 years, clay tiles are amongst the lowest priced roofing material. They also require virtually no maintenance. So, whilst the initial cost may be high, they are incredibly cost-effective in the long-term.