Are S2 sailboats good?

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Are S2 sailboats good?

Generally, the quality of construction of S2 boats is good, and age does not seem to have taken any common structural tolls. S2 and Slickcraft before it have always been noted for the quality of Gelcoat finishes.

How much is a 30 foot sailboat?

Price of New Sailboats

Length Price Low Price Average
20-25 ft $30,000 $58,000
25-30 ft $55,000 $80,000
30-35 ft $130,000 $160,000
35-40 ft $180,000 $240,000

How expensive is it to live on a sailboat?

Real cost of living on a sailboat: $500 to $3k per month. Our Cost of Living: Sailing Around the World (Dana Greyson): $1,500 to $2,500 a month. Top 10 Aspects of Living on a Boat: $460 a month. Cruising Budget for the Third Year on a New Catamaran: $32k per year.

What do I need to know before living on a sailboat?

They need exercise, private space and easy access to food and a potty. Make sure stairs and docks are safe for them and that they know how to get on the boat or dock if they fall in the water. Be careful of small spaces where they can get trapped and wires they can chew.

What is the best age to start sailing?

Many kids will want to hit the open seas with you once they see it in action and learn for themselves how to do it. Deciding when they are old enough for that, though, is an important determination. What age should you start sailing lessons? The easy legal answer is 8 years old.

When did S2 start to build sailboats again?

There were no restrictions on sailboat building. So he built a new plant which was, at the time, a model for production-line efficiency and strict quality control. In the late 1970s, S2 did start building powerboats again, and soon established its Tiara line.

Is the S-2 sailing breezes a good boat?

The boat is easy to sail, with a balanced sail plan. The running rigging, deck hardware and overall deck layout are convenient and functional. The deck is easy to move around. Attention to detail in the deck, anchor well, bow fittings, cleats, and halyards runs are well done.

Is the S2 30 the same as the 9.2?

S2 stuck with the classification for a long time, only advertising the 9.2 as the S2 30 after it had been in production for years (not to be confused with the later S2 30 designed by Graham & Schlageter).

What makes the S2 9.2 a good boat?

Within a wide field of well-designed and competitive racer/cruisers of the 1970s, the S2 9.2 stands out, mainly because it wears its age very well. Without a scoop transom and boarding steps or skinny portlights below the sheer, it still looks modern.