Are Memphis subwoofers any good?

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Are Memphis subwoofers any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars They did sound good and lasted a little over 2 years until they … They did sound good and lasted a little over 2 years until they finally failed. Instead of replacing with MTX subs (in which I was told that MTX were the only replacement subs that would wor), I decided to go with these Memphis 10’s.

How many watts is a Memphis 12 inch subwoofer?

Size: 12″ Power Handling: Peak – 500 watts, RMS – 250 watts. Sensitivity: 87 db. Mounting Depth: 5.54″

Is Memphis Audio good brand?

Memphis makes good, affordable audio. I’ve never heard any complaints. Keep in mind matching up RMS watts properly and the sound processor will make it sound great! And don’t skimp on the wiring!

What does the Mojo 6 subwoofer stand for?

The MOJO6 was re-engineered to handle massive amounts of power and produce excessive amounts of bass. The MOJO name has earned respect through the ranks of competition audio enthusiasts everywhere. MOJO6 subwoofers are built to perform at competition levels.

What kind of enclosures do Memphis audio use?

MOJO Mini Loaded enclosures were designed by Memphis Technicians to the precise T/S parameters to maximize the performance of the subwoofers. These loaded enclosures look as good as they sound and feature a piano black gloss front panel and plush carpet exterior. Power Reference subwoofers found a new home inside our new Power Reference Enclosures.

What makes a Memphis power subwoofer so good?

Our dished fiberglass reinforced cone provides amazing rigidity and the double stitched surround and reinforced spider withstand the massive impact that 2200w of earthshaking Memphis power provides. The anodized orange aluminum heat sink is responsible for more than just killer looks.

What kind of tech support does Memphis audio have?

Memphis Audio offers the finest product technical support in the industry. Our staff is well versed in the features and applications of our products, and our installation and box design expertise is unsurpassed.