Are Kye and Lizzy still together?

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Are Kye and Lizzy still together?

The expert driver has been in a relationship with Kye Kelley since 2017, and they first met at a PDRA exhibition race. Kye has been a cast member on Street Outlaws since 2016, and he was married before he began dating Lizzy. He and ex-wife Alisa Mote tied the knot in 2015, and they split two years later.

What happened to Lizzy Musi?

A 21-year-old drag racer lost her car in a spectacular airborne crash Friday — and walked away unscathed. Lizzy Musi, daughter of famous drag racer Pat Musi, was competing in an American Drag Racing League event in Bristol, Tenn., when her 1968 Camaro spun out of control, the Bristol Herald-Courier reported.

What does Lizzy Musi do?

She’s gorgeous and ridiculously talented at driving race cars, Lizzy Musi is our hero. There’s more to this blonde bombshell than meets the eye. Elizabeth Musi is making waves in the racing world, breaking records, and she’s on TV as a part of No Prep Kings.

How did Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley meet?

The pair met when Kye went to a PDRA event to run an exhibition grudge race — and Lizzy had no idea who he was. Once she and Kye became a couple, it was natural that she got a first-hand look into illegal street racing and the fairly free-form world of no-prep racing, at the track.

Is Lizzy Musi single?

Lizzy Musi boyfriend is Kye Kelley. Interestingly, he is also a drag racer. She announced her status as Kye Kelley girlfriend on her social media post while wishing him a happy birthday.

Is Boosted GT still married to Kayla?

Fans of Street Outlaws have probably seen tons of photos on social media of Kayla posing happily with Boosted GT, aka Chris, from the show. While there aren’t any records of the racing pair being married, they are dating, and they have two sons together: Austin and Cooper.

Who is the richest person on street outlaws?

Big Chief net worth: Big Chief is an American street racer and reality television personality who has a net worth of $2 million. Big Chief has been part of the OKC street racing scene since he was only nine years old.

Who is Musi daughter?

Lizzy Musi
Lizzy Musi daughter of former NHRA Drag Racer Pat escapes huge crash during race at Bristol. Lizzy Musi as well as a lucky camera man have walked away from a huge drag racing crash during an American Drag Racing League event in Bristol, Tennessee.

Who is kye Kelly’s girlfriend in real life?

Lizzy Musi is the professional PDRA racer who is the girlfriend of Kye Kelly and the daughter of Pat Musi. Where does Lizzy Musi live? Lizzy Musi lives in Memphis with her boyfriend.

How old is kye Kelley’s girlfriend Lizzy Musi?

Here are some interesting facts about Kye Kelley’s girlfriend, Lizzy Musi. Lizzy Musi is a Drag Racer Lizzy Musi was born on January 1st, 1991, to parents Pat and Elizabeth Musi, making her age 29. She grew up along with her sister, Patricia ‘Trish’ Musi, who loves driving cars like her.

Who is the mother of Kye Kelly’s daughter?

Kye has a daughter, Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley, from his married life with ex-wife Alisa Mote and one more son from a prior relationship with a woman by the name of Sarah. Social Media Updates; Was Lizzy Musi in an Accident?

Who was Kye Kelley married to before kenadeigh?

Kenadeigh Kelley was born shortly after their marriage. Kelley has another child from a previous relationship. After less than two years of marriage, it was revealed that Kelley and Mote had split.