Are Green Chromis fish aggressive?

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Are Green Chromis fish aggressive?

Although the Blue Green Chromis fish (Chromis viridis) belongs to the damselfish family (a group of fish generally known for being somewhat aggressive in saltwater fish tanks), the Chromis is an extremely peaceful inhabitant of saltwater fish tanks.

Are Blue Chromis aggressive?

Technically speaking, Blue Green Chromis are part of the damselfish family. However, unlike damselfish, they are not aggressive. When kept in a group, the fish can develop a pecking order, but fights and aggressive behavior can easily be kept to a minimum if you keep them in a large tank.

Are Blue Green Chromis Reef Safe?

The Blue Green Reef Chromis is easy to care for, beautiful, and peaceful. In fact, Chromis viridis is one of the preferred marine reef fish amongst aquarists, regardless of their experience level.

Do Green Chromis get along with clownfish?

1. Chromis seem to do really well with Anthias, and often school together. The larger group helps to dissipate some of the tension amongst the chromis so there is less fighting.

Can you keep a single green Chromis?

Green Chromis Overview The Green Chromis, also known as Blue Green Chromis (and scientifically as Chromis viridis), is a hugely popular saltwater fish. As Green Chromis are social fish it is not recommend that you keep them on their own.

Do green Chromis go to school?

Common names for the Blue-Green Chromis include; Blue Chromis, Green Chromis & Schooling Chromis. These busy and playful fish like to occupy the mid to upper portions of a tank, they can be kept in schools, but you will likely find if you put more than 3 in, you will end up with 3 in the end.

How big do blue green chromis get?

10 centimetres
Adults of this species can grow up to 10 centimetres (3.9 in) at maximum length. They have 12 dorsal rays, 9 to 11 soft dorsal rays, 2 anal spines, and 9 to 11 anal soft rays on their fins. It is a blue green fish. When they are breeding, males turn more yellowish.

Are there blue clownfish?

Before you go thinking that clownfish should be orange, black and white and that’s it, just remember that there is at least one species, the blue stripe clownfish, which has a great deal of natural blue coloring in its bars.

Can I keep 2 Green Chromis?

Whilst the majority of damsels are known for their aggression, the Green Chromis is the exception. They are known for their reasonably peaceful temperament and can be kept with lots of other community fish. If you are planning to keep them in a school make sure to keep at least 6 (more on this later).

Do Green Chromis go to school?

What kind of fish is blue green chromis?

Blue Green Chromis fish are small, but these fish are fun to watch. For all these reasons, the Blue Green Chromis fish is a great choice for beginners looking to add color and flash to a saltwater fish tank. Don’t Kill Your Fish!

Can you keep a blue green Chromis in a tank?

Beyond tank mates of the same species, Blue Green Chromis are compatible with many other peaceful saltwater species. You don’t have to worry about problematic behavior from the fish. But there are some animals you need to watch out for. In general, you should avoid keeping them with large fish or eels.

What’s the average lifespan of a blue green chromis?

The average lifespan of a Blue Green Chromis is somewhere between 8 and 15 years. When healthy, it’s not unreasonable to assume that they’ll live for more than a decade. However, it’s worth noting that this lifespan is only possible with proper care.

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