A Guide To Using Cherry Picker Safely

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A Guide To Using Cherry Picker Safely

Whether it a high-risk profession such as military, construction, or heavy equipment operations, safety is a priority in any workplace. And, operating the cherry picker is not an exception in this case.

A cherry picker is an aerial lift that is used for several purposes. Besides operating the machine, the nature of work involved in the process is what keeps the profession hazards-prone.

So, here we’ve listed some of the important safety guidelines that cherry picker operators shouldn’t miss-

Check The Weather And Ground Conditions

During the windy or rainy conditions, it becomes a bit challenging to use a cherry picker. Winds cause the machine to move or sway, and rains make the platform slippery to operate it. An operator with correct training can make a sensible judgment about whether the cherry picker is safe to use or not.

  • Near the power lines.
  • In the dark.
  • On the inclined grounds.
  • When you exceed the maximum load.

Make Sure That The Fall Arrest System Is In Place

It is one of the most important things to consider while using a cherry picker. Having a suitable fall arrest system is an effective measure to prevent the operator from falling. It consists of a full-body harness, a suitable anchor point, and a lanyard on the Cherry Picker’s basket.

Besides this, make sure that every part of the equipment is working with full capacity. If there are any repairs, get them done before operating the machine.

Adequate Training Is Necessary To Handle A Cherry Picker

No matter how many safety precautions you take, everything is pointless if you aren’t familiar with using the cherry picker. Working on a ladder or a static power isn’t the same as working on a moveable platform. Therefore, adequate training and certification are necessary for all the operators who use this equipment or any other powered access platform.

The cherry picker certification and training cover how to handle the aerial lift, associated hazards, and the best ways to manage the situation if any mishap takes place. It keeps you up to date with the health and safety requirements, keeps you safe up high, as well as on the ground.

Carry Out The Risk Assessment

Not to mention, carrying a full risk assessment in any work that involves the use of a cherry picker is of utmost importance. Most of the accidents related to cherry pickers occur as a result of:

  • Unsuitable ground and weather conditions.
  • Serious falls.
  • Failure of the mechanical equipment.
  • Other devices in contact.

Another common aspect that is difficult to assess is the human element. Many of the times, people do stupid things without any warning, and their actions may cause dreadful consequences. So, make sure that all the distracting elements are kept away from the cherry picker operation.

Don’t Experiment With The Equipment

A cherry picker is a platform that helps with a range of aerial tasks. You might be tempted to over-reach while carrying out any activity. However, don’t underestimate the potential dangers it can cause. The results can be worse than a broken ankle. So, there is no place for risk-taking at all!

For personal safety, it is recommended to stay within the parameters and not to try doing any experiment while using the platform.

Use Safety Devices While Operating The Cherry Picker

While working with the aerial lifts, using safety devices shouldn’t be an option but a mandatory. These devices are designed to secure the workers on the worksite. It involves wearing the prescribed uniform and safety harness while you are on the lift.


All the cherry picker operators should be trained beforehand with the operation of the machinery and safety precautions. Those who work with the cherry pickers occasionally need to stay abreast of the training updates. This way, you can prevent any of the possible damages while working on the platform.