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What can be considered as a plagiarism?

Creators of TurnItIn resource classified the resulted and some other cases of plagiarism, breaking them into two groups. In the first were borrowings without a source. These include: “Phantom author” – the author gives out the work done by another person for his, without changing its content. We have this kind of “creativity” distributed in […]

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Are there parallel universes?

Before Everett along with also his thoughts about numerous universes which physicists attended to a standstill. That they needed to utilize 1 pair of policies to its worldwide environment, and that’s at the mercy of quantum mechanics, and also some other collection of policies to get large scale casual world people may view and contact […]

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Impossible things made possible by modern physics

From the excellent realm of math hopeless, maybe not immediately off, however really is potential. But have been able to realize very super awesome important things. Science progresses. Just one whale creature is aware what else expects us into her secret fires. Now we’ll assess the most effective of all things that are unrealistic, States, […]

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Why do we need the Large Hadron Collider?

This year, scientists expect to reproduce in the nuclear laboratory those early pristine conditions, when there were no protons and neutrons, and was a solid quark-gluon plasma. In other words, the researchers hope to see the world of elementary particles, as it was a mere through share microseconds after the Big Bang, that is, after […]

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Problems of Artificial Intelligence

Envision that you’d find it possible to share with the fifty most powerful politicians from the U.S., that which exactly is the main problem has to speech, writes Wired columnist Tim Simona. By Elon Musk the possibility past weekend in the end of this countrywide governor affiliation at their nation of island. As well as […]

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The world after capitalism and robotics

Rates for life without work and the isolation of the elites these are just some of the challenges will have to face the people according to the writer and sociologist Peter Frazee. In an interview with Fast Company magazine Peter Frase has criticized the denizens of Silicon valley for their inconsistency and tendency to utopian […]

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Michio Kaku: How new technologies will change our world?

Michio Kaku shared his predictions for the future in various fields of science and medicine, and also spoke about how in the future the technical progress will affect society. In the lecture on “Physics of the future” Kaku revealed his vision for the future development of our society, and also spoke about the technologies that […]

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