Who was Michael de Guzman?

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Who was Michael de Guzman?

Michael de Guzman, the Bre-X Minerals Ltd. Mr. de Guzman was a central figure in the Bre-X resource scandal, but reportedly fell from a helicopter into the Indonesian jungle just before the hype of a huge gold strike fizzled into a tale of salted core samples and no evidence of a significant discovery.

Is De Guzman still alive?

“It could be . . . (de) Guzman is still alive.” Indeed, second wife Genie de Guzman claims she has twice received money from Michael since he vanished. In a 2005 interview with journalist John McBeth, Genie said six weeks after her husband reportedly jumped to his death, he called her home and spoke to a maid.

What happened to John Felderhof?

Felderhof’s lawyer, Joe Groia, says his family let him know by email Monday that he died of natural causes on the weekend. He had been living a simple life with his wife and family in a village near Manila, Philippines, he said.

How true is the movie gold?

Nelson, Stacy Keach and Bruce Greenwood. The film is loosely based on the true story of the 1993 Bre-X mining scandal, when a massive gold deposit was supposedly discovered in the jungles of Indonesia; however, for legal reasons and to enhance the appeal of the film, character names and story details were changed.

Who is Kenny Wells in real life?

While it’s true that Wells is a fictitious entity, the character was actually based upon a very real person by the name of David Walsh, and the movie is inspired by the Bre-X scandal that defined his legacy. Walsh was a penny stock promoter who founded Bre-X Minerals, a tiny Canadian mining company, in 1989.

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10 Ways To Actually Lose A Guy In 10 Days

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Who discovered gold?

Gold Discovered in California. Many people in California figured gold was there, but it was James W. Marshall on January 24, 1848, who saw something shiny in Sutter Creek near Coloma, California. He had discovered gold unexpectedly while overseeing construction of a sawmill on the American River.

What happened at the end of the movie gold?

At the end, we learn Kenny was given a check for over 80 million dollars, half of the funds, along with a contract he signed on a napkin saying that Michael and him would split the profits 50/50.

Is Two for the money based on a true story?

The True Story Two for the Money is Based On Brandon Lang is a real person who was inducted into the world of sports gambling broking. He helped punters bet on Monday night football games but decided betting himself was too dangerous a risk to take.

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What is the oldest metal in the world?

The oldest metal object on Earth, copper awl, has been discovered in a woman’s grave in the Middle East, a new study reports. This artifact reveals that metals were exchanged across hundreds of miles in this region more than 6,000 years ago, centuries earlier than previously thought, according to researchers.

What did Michael De Guzman do at Bre X?

But just four weeks later, Bre-X’s geologist at Busang, Michael de Guzman, exited his helicopter that was 250 meters in the air at the time—an evident suicide. On March 26 Freeport reported that its due-diligence cores, drilled only a meter and a half from Bre-X’s, showed “insignificant amounts of gold.”

Where was the body of Michael De Guzman found?

The fraud began to unravel rapidly on March 19, 1997, when Filipino Bre-X geologist Michael de Guzman reportedly committed suicide by jumping from a helicopter in Indonesia. A body was found four days later in the jungle, missing the hands and feet, and with the penis “surgically removed”.

Who was the real Michael De Guzman in the movie?

Portrayed by Edgar Ramírez in the movie, the real Michael de Guzman took core samples from the ground, which were supposedly from the Borneo site. After the samples were crushed and collected, De Guzman made sure he had some alone time with them before they were sent to be analyzed.

How much gold did Michael De Guzman buy?

Later, when he ran out of gold from his ring, he paid locals for their river gold, buying up $61,000 worth of panned gold over the following two-and-a-half years. -BusinessInsider.com What motivated Michael de Guzman to commit fraud? In an industry dominated by big American mining companies, Michael de Guzman struggled for recognition in his field.