Who is the most annoying character in Game of Thrones?

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Who is the most annoying character in Game of Thrones?

1. King Tommen. That’s right. King Tommen is the most annoying character currently living in the Game of Thrones universe, and he could stake a solid claim for overtaking his brother as the most annoying character in the series.

Is Shae bad Game of Thrones?

Shae’s Trust Issues Brought Upon Her Downfall In Game Of Thrones. Tyrion fully loved Shae, but he was aware that it would take a lot for her to agree to leave King’s Landing. There was also Shae’s enormous amount of jealousy when it came to Tyrion and Sansa.

Why is Shae so jealous?

She was wildly jealous of Sansa. Shae did love Tyrion, she wanted him to leave with her, to get away from all these crazy family members of him, who hated him, who did not appreciate him. After the Battle of the Blackwater, she does go Tyrion— he’s injured, hurt— and she goes to him.

Why is Sansa so annoying?

Reason for (former) Annoyance: Sansa has come a long way from the naive little girl she was in the beginning. While her siblings were starving in the woods, trapped on the wall, and fighting in wars, Sansa spent her days crying in Kings Landing.

Who killed Shae?

While Varys encourages him about his talents that can still be put to use, Tyrion reminds him what he had done to Shae and his father, Tywin before they fled from King’s Landing. Later on the road to Volantis, Tyrion breifly states to Varys that he strangled Shae to death in his father’s bed.

Is Shae Tywin’s spy?

Close , She is a spy for Varys ! This is probably more likely, although Tywin knew about Shae very early, before Tyrion even went to Kings Landing. It’s possible Bronn (Also a likely Varys agent) originally “stole” Shae from Tywin.

Why is Sansa so mean to Daenerys?

Sansa had reason to distrust Daenerys. The Mad King killed her uncle and grandfather, and Sansa was at the mercy of a queen while a hostage in King’s Landing. However, she rebuffs the Dragon Queen even when Daenerys risks her life to defend Sansa’s home against the Night King.

Why is Sansa so naive?

Sansa is so naive because the social constructs of the Seven Kingdoms heavily favor her. Highborn, beautiful, polite, can sing, sew, and do all the other things expected of a lady in the Seven Kingdoms. So, she’s received a lot of positive reinforcement her whole life up to when A Game of Thrones begins.