Who did Tony Bennett do duets with?

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Who did Tony Bennett do duets with?

Bennett’s most recent record, “Tony Bennett Celebrates 90,” featured live duets with the likes of Gaga, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli and Elton John,” and it just earned his 35th Grammy nomination.

Who dueted with Amy Winehouse?

Tony Bennett
The song that arguably would mean the most to the classic singer Winehouse was her duet with none other than the legendary Tony Bennett. Recorded in 2011, it sadly remains the final recording Winehouse would ever make, and she got to sing her favourite song with her favourite artist of all time.

Did Amy Winehouse duet with Tony Bennett?

It’s pretty poetic that Amy Winehouse’s final recording was a collaboration with Tony Bennett on the classic song “Body & Soul.” The tune will appear on Bennett’s upcoming Duets II album, which also features collaborations with Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin, Carrie Underwood, and a host of other huge current stars.

Did Tony Bennett make an album with Amy Winehouse?

Bennett worked with Winehouse in March, recording the Johnny Greene song “Body and Soul” for his upcoming Duets II album. He said in a statement to Spinner, “Amy Winehouse was an artist of immense proportions and I am deeply saddened to learn of her tragic passing.

Where does Tony Bennett live now?

Tony Bennett with his wife, Susan, in New York City in 2019.

What is Tony Bennett’s birthday?

August 3, 1926 (age 95 years)
Tony Bennett/Date of birth

Tony Bennett, original name Anthony Dominick Benedetto, (born August 3, 1926, Astoria, Queens, New York, U.S.), American popular singer known for his smooth voice and interpretive abilities with songs in a variety of genres.

Does Tony Bennett have a wife?

Susan Crowm. 2007
Sandra Grant Bennettm. 1971–2007Patricia Beechm. 1952–1971
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When did Tony Bennett’s Duets 2 come out?

In celebration of his 85th birthday in 2011 the release of Bennett’s highly anticipated, Duets II, featured Tony performing with a new roster of celebrated artists including, the late Amy Winehouse (her last recording was their duet of “Body and Soul”), Michael Bublé, Aretha Franklin, Josh Groban, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, and many others.

Who are the artists that Tony Bennett has recorded with?

The singer has completed recording with Lady Gaga and Aretha Franklin, adding to a celebrated list of artists previously announced including Amy Winehouse, Michael Buble, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Queen Latifah, Carrie Underwood and many others.

Who is singing with Tony Bennett on Blue Velvet?

The late lamented Amy Winehouse brings to mind Billie Holiday in a languid rendition of “Body and Soul,” and k.d. lang is a dreamy delight on “Blue Velvet.” I found the duet with Aretha Franklin less than successful, partly because of a mismatch in their voices and partly as a result of an overly slow tempo, yet it still has its moments.

When did Tony Bennett win his second Grammy?

Bennett won two Grammys for Duets II in the 2012 Grammy ceremony and that year marked the 50th Anniversary of the recording and release of his signature song, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.”