When did Baron Philippe de Rothschild create Mouton Cadet?

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When did Baron Philippe de Rothschild create Mouton Cadet?

In the same Médoc spirit, in 1933 Baron Philippe acquired a small wine-trading business in Pauillac, destined for a flourishing future under the name by which it is now known, Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA. Among other wines, the company would produce and market Mouton Cadet, created in 1930 and now the world’s leading Bordeaux AOC brand.

Who is the owner of Chateau Mouton Cadet?

Created in 1930, Mouton Cadet is the result of a history between Bordeaux wines and Baron Philippe de Rothschild. The youngest of the family and the owner of Château Mouton Rothschild, he was keen to bring the richness of the prestigious Bordeaux region to a wider audience.

Where is the Chateau Mouton Rothschild in France?

Château Mouton Rothschild is located in the commune of Pauillac, in the Medoc, 30 miles (50km) northwest of the city of Bordeaux. The grand vin is among the most highly rated and priced wines in the world, and is generally regarded as the most exuberant and powerful of all Bordeaux.

Who was the designer of the 1978 Mouton Rothschild label?

Baron Philippe de Rothschild with Jean-Paul Riopelle. For the 1978 Mouton Rothschild label, Riopelle prepared two designs: it was impossible to choose between them, and each was therefore used for half the vintage.

When did the club at Mouton Rothschild open?

The Club, an attractive little building used for tastings and as a visitor centre, was added in the 1970s. For twenty years, Baron Philippe fought to enhance the image of Mouton Rothschild and secure its elevation to First Growth status.

What kind of wine did Baron Mouton Rothschild make?

In the evening of his life he entered into partnership with the American Robert Mondavi, a famous winegrower in California’s Napa Valley, which culminated in 1979 in the creation of Opus One, the first Franco-Californian ultra-premium wine, planted, made, matured and blended in the traditional Bordeaux manner.

Who is the owner of Mouton Cadet Bordeaux?

Baron Philippe de Rothschild Mouton Cadet is the biggest-selling Bordeaux brand in the world. It was set up in 1930 by Baron Philippe de Rothschild, who had taken over control of Mouton Rothschild eight years previously. The name “Cadet” refers to the youngest son of a family, in this case invoki…

What kind of wine is Mouton Cadet Red?

A modern bottle of Mouton Cadet red. Mouton Cadet is the brand name of a popular range of modestly priced, generic Bordeaux wines, considered Bordeaux’s most successful brand. Created by Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Mouton Cadet wine is produced through the assembly of a variety of grapes, from several Bordeaux region appellations.

How many vintages of Mouton Cadet are there?

Ensure your merchant has the color you are looking for. 58 available vintages meet your search criteria.