What was the euro exchange rate in 2011?

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What was the euro exchange rate in 2011?

Best exchange rate: 1

What was exchange rate in 2011?

Average exchange rate in 2011: 1.0116 USD. Worst exchange rate: 0.9492 USD on 04 Oct 2011.

What was the pound to euro exchange rate in 2008?

The lowest Pound to Euro rate ever was €1.02 on 30th December 2008. This was during the global financial crisis at which point the UK banking system was fragile and required government support to stave off collapse.

What was the euro exchange rate in 2009?

In 2009, the euro to British pound sterling annual average exchange rate was equal to 0.89, which meant that one euro could buy 0.89 British pounds.

What was the original euro exchange rate?

The value of the euro, which started at US$1.1686 on 31 December 1998, rose during its first day of trading, Monday, 4 January 1999, closing at approximately US$1.18. It was rapidly taken up and dealers were surprised by the speed at which it replaced the national currencies.

What was the euro rate in 2004?

Euro British Pound Exchange Rate (EUR GBP) – Historical Chart

EUR GBP – Historical Annual Data
Year Average Closing Price Year Open
2005 0.68 0.71
2004 0.68 0.70
2003 0.69 0.65

Is the euro stronger than the pound?

So while the pound is still slightly ahead of the euro, the recent decision to maintain the pound’s quantitative easing levels meant it dropped from an even more favourable position. Yet, if you take a longer-term view, the pound has been stronger than the euro for a decent period of time.

What was the euro worth in 2010?

Buying power of €100 in 2010

Initial value Equivalent value
€1 euro in 2010 €1.14 euros today
€5 euros in 2010 €5.71 euros today
€10 euros in 2010 €11.42 euros today
€50 euros in 2010 €57.10 euros today