What model is my surface by serial number?

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What model is my surface by serial number?

The serial number of your Surface is printed directly beneath the word Surface under the kickstand on the back. Once you have the serial number, enter it here: https://mybusinessservice.surface.com/en-US/CheckWarranty/CheckWarranty and choose Submit. It will display the model number for you.

How do I check the serial number on my Microsoft warranty?

Check your Microsoft warranty

  1. Sign in to account.microsoft.com/devices with your account.
  2. Select the device that you want to check the warranty on.
  3. In Device coverage, you’ll see what kind of warranty coverage your device has and how much time is left.

How do I know what Microsoft computer I have?

Select the Start button > Settings > System > About . Under Device specifications > System type, see if you’re running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. Under Windows specifications, check which edition and version of Windows your device is running.

How do I claim a Microsoft warranty?

How To Claim Microsoft Surface Warranty Over the Phone

  1. Call (800) 642 7676.
  2. Explain the problem with your device.
  3. Provide the rep with your device’s serial number.
  4. Give them all the warranty info.
  5. Follow any further instructions.

How do I find my lost Microsoft account?

Lookup your username if you have security info set up on your account

  1. Look up your username using your security contact phone number or email address.
  2. Request a security code to be sent to the phone number or email you used.
  3. Enter the code and select Next.
  4. When you see the account you’re looking for, select Sign in.

How do I find the serial number of my stolen laptop?

Enable the laptop’s default features i.e. Find My Device etc.

  1. #I. Make Sure Your Device is Registered With the Manufacturer.
  2. #II. Install A Best Tracking Software.
  3. #III. Enable the Device’s Default Tracking Features.
  4. #I. Track A Stolen Laptop via Its Serial Number.
  5. #II.
  6. #III.
  7. #IV.
  8. Dropbox.

Does Microsoft have a lifetime warranty?

Stay covered with Microsoft Complete All Microsoft devices and accessories come with a Standard Limited Warranty. Microsoft Complete provides extended hardware and accidental damage coverage. After purchase, you’ll also receive unlimited technical support from Microsoft.

Where do I Find my Microsoft serial number?

In many cases, the serial number is printed on the box, the packaging or inside the box. If the information is not in or on the box, open Microsoft Office. When the setup window appears, the serial number will be on that screen toward the bottom.

How do I Find my Windows serial number?

#1 – Find your Computer Serial Number under the Command Prompt. Press Windows Key /Start Key + R, type in ‘cmd’ and then hit enter. The Command Prompt (CMD) Window will pop up. Type in the following command ‘wmic bios get serialnumber’ and hit enter. You should have your serial number displayed.

How do you look up a serial number?

Go to the device manufacturer’s support, or product search, website. If you are wanting to look up your phone’s serial number, go to the ESN, or Electronic Serial Number , lookup page. Enter the serial number from your device into the box labeled “Enter your serial number here” (or similar) field, then click “Search.”.

Where is the serial number on a Microsoft laptop?

If your laptop has a removable battery, the serial number is sometimes on a sticker inside the battery compartment, under the battery. If you have a desktop PC, look at the back, top, or side of the case for some sort of sticker. The number may also be on a sticker inside the case, so you might have to open it up.