What is the YANG model?

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What is the YANG model?

YANG is a data modeling language used to model configuration, state data, and administrative actions manipulated by the NETCONF protocol. YANG was originally published as RFC 6020 in September 2010. Modern network standards groups such as the Metro Ethernet Forum are adopting YANG as a device configuration standard.

What is YANG model example?

Example. The following YANG module example-sports shows a data model for team sports. The module declares a namespace and a prefix and imports the type library module ietf-yang-types before defining the type season . It then defines a container sports that includes a list of person s and a list of team s.

How do I open a YANG file?

First, try right-clicking on the file and selecting “Open With…” and select YumaPro or Visual YANG Designer from the dropdown list. If that didn’t work, go into the file associations settings of Windows, and set YumaPro or Visual YANG Designer to open YANG files by default.

What is a YANG container?

A container has only child nodes and no value. A container may contain any number of child nodes of any type (including leafs, lists, containers, and leaf-lists). YANG Example: container system { container login { leaf message { type string; description “Message given at start of login session”; } } }

Is Yang good or bad?

The Yin, or the dark side, is associated with everything hard, negative, cold, wet, and feminine. The Yang, or the light side, is associated with things soft, positive, warm, dry, and masculine. But contrary to the harsh juxtaposition of their appearances, Yin and Yang are not complete opposites.

What is OpenConfig model?

OpenConfig is a collaborative effort in the networking industry to move toward a more dynamic, programmable method for configuring and managing multivendor networks. OpenConfig supports the use of vendor-neutral data models to configure and manage the network.

What is YANG presence?

Adding the presence statement to a container in YANG allows the presence of the container in the configuration to mean something.

How do you write a YANG file?

Writing our first YANG statements At the top of the file, we’ll add a “module” statement followed by the name of our module and a braces block. The module name must match the name of our file. All of the content we now add to the file will go inside the module braces.

What is Leafref YANG?

The leafref type is restricted to the value space of some leaf or leaf-list node in the schema tree and optionally further restricted by corresponding instance nodes in the data tree. The “path” sub-statement is used to identify the referred leaf or leaf-list node in the schema tree.

Is Yang light or dark?

Yin is the black side, and yang is the white side. The relationship between yin and yang is often described in terms of sunlight playing over a mountain and a valley.

What is a yang personality?

Yang types are more active, extroverted and ambitious, while Yin types are peaceful, relaxed, and easygoing. Yang people are more about radical change, dramatics, and standing out from the crowd. Yin personalities are more hesitant, emotional, and read into things.

What is the difference between NETCONF and OpenConfig?

OpenConfig is an informal working group of network operators that are trying to move the networking world to a dynamic, programmable infrastructure. OpenConfig promotes a vendor-neutral model for network management that uses YANG, a data modeling language for data sent over the NETCONF configuration protocol.

What are Yang tools and what do they do?

YANG Tools YANG Tools is to develop necessary tooling and libraries to provide Java runtime and support for YANG modeling language, data structures modeled by YANG and their serialization and deserialization as defined in IETF drafts and standards.

How does a yang model work on a computer?

A YANG model will do the same but uses strict syntax rules to make the model standardized and easy to process with computers. Note that in our response to our friend, we didn’t provide any specific values for an interface – we only described the data structure.

What is the Yang 1.1 data modeling language?

Request for Comments: 7950 Tail-f Systems Category: Standards Track August 2016 ISSN: 2070-1721 The YANG 1.1 Data Modeling Language Abstract YANG is a data modeling language used to model configuration data, state data, Remote Procedure Calls, and notifications for network management protocols.

What are the features of Yang tools in OpenDaylight?

YANG Tools provides following features in OpenDaylight: parsing of YANG sources and semantic inference of relationship across YANG models as defined in RFC6020 Normalized Node representation – DOM-like tree model, which uses conceptual meta-model more tailored to YANG and OpenDaylight use-cases than a standard XML DOM model allows for.