What is the salary of an undercover agent?

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What is the salary of an undercover agent?

The highest salary for a Secret Agent in India is ₹1,09,796 per month. The lowest salary for a Secret Agent in India is ₹1,09,796 per month.

What jobs can undercover?

Most Popular Undercover Jobs

  • Undercover Detective.
  • Undercover Police Officer.
  • Undercover Security Guard.
  • Undercover Law Enforcement.
  • Undercover Officer.
  • Undercover Agent.
  • Work From Home Undercover Investigator.
  • Undercover Investigator.

What makes a good undercover agent?

Some common undercover cop characteristics include being amiable (a key part of the job is being able to make friends easily) and trustworthy, as well as having the ability to entertain complex, contradicting notions of morality. Officers must be able to listen to a citizen and respond with empathy, not sympathy.

What are some dangers of undercover operations?

One of the most dangerous actions attempted is the arrest of the suspects by the undercover officer. At this time in an operation the suspect believes the undercover officer’s cover. Any action taken by the officer may be perceived as drug violence and the suspect may respond with fatal violence.

How would someone be an undercover agent?

investigators often have to pretend they are someone else.

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  • Use body worn video equipment.
  • Search for a missing person.
  • What exactly does an undercover agent do?

    An Undercover Agent is a detective who infiltrates a criminal organization in order to investigate the operations and gather evidence necessary to charge and prosecute the suspects. Undercover Agents work for police departments or detective agencies.

    What is DEA officer?

    The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is the arm of the US Department of Justice that enforces federal laws related to controlled substances. DEA special agents are the law enforcement officers for this agency, and they are responsible for investigating crimes related to drug trafficking.