What is EP2 grease?

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What is EP2 grease?

Valvoline Lithium EP2 Grease is a premium quality lithium soap grease containing extreme pressure additives, formulated to provide outstanding mechanical stability & EP characteristics under severe operating conditions.

What Colour is Castrol premium heavy duty grease?

Tech Spec

NLGI Grade: NLGI 2
Soap Type: Lithium Complex
Colour: Blue
Size: 450g Cartridge

What does EP2 stand for?


Acronym Definition
EP2 Extracellular Protein 2
EP2 Ectopic Pregnancy 2

What does NLGI stand for?

National Lubricating Grease Institute
Traditionally, a grease’s stiffness is indicated by its penetration value and is evaluated using the standardized National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) grade chart. The NLGI number is a measure of the grease’s consistency as indicated by its worked penetration value.

What does EP2 mean?

What is Castrol LM grease?

Castrol LM is a multi-purpose, Lithium base greases start with specially selected mineral oils of outstanding oxidation and corrosion properties and are manufactured to close control of drop points, penetration numbers, alkalinity and ash content to offer high stability, long life, and excellent resistance to changes …

What is EP2 stimulus?

The Recovery Rebate Credit aka Economic Stimulus Payment was authorized by the CARES ACT and the related COVID TAX RELIEF ACT that were both passed in 2020. These stimulus payments are actually a credit against your 2020 income tax and were paid out in two separate installments (referred to as EP1 and EP2)

Are all EP2 greases the same?

There are basically two types of lithium greases one can choose from. The first are lithium complex greases and the second are simple lithium soap greases. The former are commonly used for general lubricating purposes while the latter are for more specific uses.

What kind of grease does Castrol spheerol EPL 2 use?

Castrol Spheerol EPL 2 is a lithium based general purpose extreme pressure grease, based upon mineral oil and incorporating extreme pressure agents to protect bearings components subject to heavy and shock loadings.

What kind of base oil does Castrol use?

A mixture of high-quality synthetic base oils (PAO & ester) and a lithium complex thickener, designed to extend the service life of bearings in heavy-duty applications and at elevated temperatures. A lithium-based grease with the potential for energy savings and reducing operating temperatures.

How much molybdenum is in Castrol extreme pressure grease?

The ultimate protection against wear for critical equipment, this semi-synthetic, extreme-pressure grease, contains more than 20% solids, including 6% molybdenum disulfide, to give equipment a protective lubricant barrier against wear, even during conditions of high load.

Why does Castrol need MSDS and PDS tool?

The MSDS/PDS tool aims to provide the users access to material safety and product data sheets and satisfy Castrol’s legal requirement to publish.