What happened to Shadowsun?

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What happened to Shadowsun?

Within Terran days, the Third Sphere Expansion had begun, and under Shadowsun’s leadership, the T’au Empire has proven unstoppable. Shadowsun herself only survived the destruction of Mu’gulath Bay due to her earlier wounding at the hands of a Callidus Assassin, which forced her to recover aboard a T’au starship.

Does Shadowsun count as a commander?

Unlike many of the other characters, Shadowsun comes with a wide variety of unique rules and equipment, as befitting her unusual combat style. She does have the standard Commander rules as well- For the Greater Good (allowing her to fire overwatch for nearby units) and Master of War (allowing a once-per-game aura).

How old is Shadowsun?

He is still alive but described as “rapidly declining” in 745. M41, at which point he is 94 years old.

Who killed Aun VA?

Spectre of Death Aun’Va eventually met his fate at the hands of a Culexus Assassin, who was sent to the beleaguered Imperial world of Agrellan Prime as a part of an Officio Assassinorum Execution Force, which occurred during the Second Agrellan Campaign.

What is a Tau Sept?

What is a Tau Sept? A Sept is a term used to refer to world (and/or star system) colonised by Tau forces that operates as a fully-functional, independent, habitable world within the extents of the Tau Empire. Each sept has its unique cultural identity wholly integrated within the greater Tau culture.

What is the Startide nexus?

The Startide Nexus is a recently created vortex in space that acts as a stable dimensional pathway between the Sept Worlds of the T’au Empire and the Nem’yar Atoll, which is located within the Imperium.

Why did Shadowsan betray vile?

He didn’t want her to lead a life of evil, and knew she would never accept V.I.L.E.s methods, and knew what they would do to her when she refused. After saving her and knowing there would be no changing her path, he left her a new V.I.L.E.

How long does a tau live?

all Tau lifespans, including those of ethereals, are (naturally speaking) about 30-40 years.

Who is the leader of the tau?

The leader of the Ethereal Caste is a T’au named Aun’va, who is the Master of the Undying Spirit and the leader or Aun’o of the T’au Empire.

What is the psychic awakening 40k?

The “Psychic Awakening”, also sometimes referred to as the “Age of Witches,” is the term given to a phenomenon of the Era Indomitus that dramatically increased the number of new psykers and greatly enhanced existing psychic abilities across the Milky Way Galaxy in the wake of the birth of the Great Rift.

When does the new commander shadowsun come out?

Whichever Sept you choose to lead with Shadowsun, she is an excellent commander as well as the bane of vehicles and heavy infantry across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. The new Commander Shadowsun model is available to pre-order from Saturday, along with Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good.

What kind of armor does commander shadowsun wear?

Commander Shadowsun originally wore an XV22 Stealth Battlesuit into battle incorporating both a stealth generator and a jump pack. She was accompanied by a Command-link Drone and two MV52 Shield Drones and was armed with dual Fusion Blasters which enable her to take on enemy heavy armour, she also carried a Bonding Knife. [Needs Citation]

Who is the new commander in psychic Awakening?

The amazing new Commander Shadowsun model, complete with rock jump. Credit: Warhammer Community Let’s start here. With the release of The Greater Good, Commander Shadowsun receives a fantastic new model and an all-new datasheet to go with it.

Can you use shadowsun in a non T’au detachment?

This means that Shadowsun’s value in a non-T’au detachment is very limited. Using her in this capacity will largely be reserved for when you need a cheap, efficient commander to eat up an HQ slot in a non-T’au Sept detachment that’s part of an army that has a T’au Sept detachment she can join up with to still make use of her rules.