What did Andrea del Verrocchio teach da Vinci?

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What did Andrea del Verrocchio teach da Vinci?

Leonardo da Vinci started his career with his master Andrea del Verrocchio. Verrocchio taught Leonardo painting and sculpting techniques. Verrocchio used Leonardo as an aid and even a featuring artist on his works.

Who trained Andrea del Verrocchio?

Fra Filippo Lippi
Verrocchio trained not only as a goldsmith and sculptor, but also as a painter, probably with the early Renaissance master Fra Filippo Lippi . Verrocchio’s altarpieces and devotional pictures are distinguished by their emphatic sense of three-dimensional space and volume, derived from his experience in sculpture.

What was Verrocchio famous for?

Verrocchio was one of the leading artists of late 15th-century Florence. He is mainly celebrated as a sculptor, though a number of important painters trained in his studio, including Leonardo da Vinci.

Did da Vinci and Michelangelo have the same teacher?

But this triumvirate of creative genius didn’t develop in isolation: As a new exhibition at the National Gallery of Art points out, all three men owe a significant debt to a lesser-known Old Master—namely, Andrea del Verrocchio, a painter, sculptor, and teacher whose students included the likes of Leonardo, as well as …

Who was Andrea del Verrocchio and what did he do?

Andrea del Verrocchio (Italian pronunciation: [anˈdrɛːa del verˈrɔkkjo]; c. 1435 – 1488), born Andrea di Michele di Francesco de’ Cioni, was an Italian painter, sculptor, and goldsmith who was a master of an important workshop in Florence.

When did Andrea del Verrocchio paint the baptism of Christ?

The Baptism of Christ, now in the Uffizi Gallery at Florence, was painted in 1474–75. In this work Verrocchio was assisted by Leonardo da Vinci, then a youth and a member of his workshop, who painted the angel on the left and the part of the background above.

Where was the Goliath sculpture by Andrea del Verrocchio made?

David holds Goliath’s sword in one hand and rests the other on his hip in a gesture of confident triumph. This impressive sculpture was commissioned by the Medici who sold it in 1476 to the Palazzo della Signoria, the seat of government at the heart of Florence.

When did Andrea del Verrocchio create the Colleoni statue?

The equestrian statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni is Verrocchio’s most famous work and was commissioned by the Republic of Venice in 1478. The artist submitted a wax model of the work in 1488 and he moved to Venice to oversee the casting of the statue. Bartolomeo Colleoni.