What caused the fire in Cape Town today?

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What caused the fire in Cape Town today?

Cape Town fire, which damaged UCT buildings, likely started as a malicious act. Cape Town – South African National Parks (SANParks) has announced that natural causes have been ruled out as a possible cause for the Table Mountain National Park fire that damaged UCT buildings.

Who set the fire in Cape Town?

The massive wildfire in the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) in April was started intentionally, an investigation has uncovered. SANParks probed the blaze that destroyed 600 hectares of land, including parts of UCT and Table Mountain, and revealed its findings to the media on Thursday.

Is the Cape Town fire contained?

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde told media at the central fire station in Roeland Street on Tuesday afternoon that “large parts of the fire have been contained” and thanked “the tireless efforts” made by the city, the Table Mountain National Park, Working on Fire, and Volunteer Wildfire Services, as well as the South …

What was burned at UCT?

On Sunday, 18 April, a runaway fire destroyed the Jagger Reading Room and caused damage in Upper Campus Residence (interim name), Fuller Hall residence, the HW Pearson building, as well as Cadboll House and La Grotta.

Is Table Mountain fire under control?

City authorities said the fire, which started early Sunday, was “largely contained” more than 24 hours later. …

Who caused the fire on Table Mountain?

Table Mountain & UCT fire was possibly caused by malicious act says report. Cape Town – Two months after a devastating fire ravaged over 600 hectares of Table Mountain and parts of the University of Cape Town an independent report reveals that it was started during a malicious act.

What started the fire at UCT?

Object thrown from car started UCT fire, investigation concludes.

Is the fire at UCT under control?

“The fire is currently out of control and we request that all onlookers please refrain from entering the area and keep the area clear for emergency vehicles to pass,” they said.

Where was the fire in Cape Town South Africa?

Firefighters in the South African city of Cape Town have finally brought a wildfire under control after it swept across the slopes of famed Table Mountain yesterday. The fire burned the university’s historic library, forcing the evacuation of some neighbourhoods.

How many firefighters are battling the Cape Town fire?

CAPE TOWN – Firefighters are bracing for yet another difficult morning on Monday, as they try to extinguish the flames in Cape Town. Strong winds are hampering firefighting efforts at the University of Cape Town. Over 250 firefighters have been deployed to battle the blaze.

What was the temperature in Cape Town on Sunday?

The temperature in Cape Town peaked at 35 degrees Celsius on Sunday and the winds hit the city overnight and Monday. About 250 city and volunteer firefighters were deployed to battle the fire, which damaged four buildings at the University of Cape Town.

How many people have been evacuated from Cape Town?

Helicopters scooped water from swimming pools and the sea to drop on the inferno, as people were told to flee their homes. About 4,000 students have been evacuated from Cape Town University’s campus.