What axles do PJ Trailers use?

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What axles do PJ Trailers use?

PJ Trailers only uses the top quality axle assemblies. You will find idler axles, electric brake axles, and electric over hydraulic disc brake axles. PJ Trailers uses the following brands: Dexter Axles, Rockwell American Axles, Quality Running Gear Axles, and Alko Axles.

What does PJ stand for in PJ trailers?

PJ Trailers is a US-based trailer manufacturer founded by Peter Thiesen in 1991.

Where is the serial number on a PJ trailer?

Where do I find my VIN sticker? A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) sticker is located on the front of your PJ Trailer and is 17 characters long. If your VIN sticker is missing or damaged, you can locate the last 7 digits of the VIN (Serial Number) stamped in the tongue or welded on the inside the frame.

Are Dexter axles made in China?

Dexter Axles are made in the USA with fully automated plants located in Indiana, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Domestic production allows Dexter to maintain incredibly high standards of quality that are simply not possible with imported axles.

What are the components of a trailer axle?

straight trailer axle assembly includes axle tube with spindles, castle nuts and cotter pins, flanges for mounting drum or disc brakes (not included), cast iron 5 on 4½” hubs with bearings, seals, grease caps and lug nuts, double eye leaf springs with U-bolts, nuts and tie plates.

Does a gooseneck increase towing capacity?

Gooseneck trailers are capable of being longer without destabilizing the towing vehicle. So they are more often longer, wider, and weigh more. But that also means they can carry and tow much more than a bumper pull. If you’ve got a truck and need a larger trailer to pull more weight, then choose a gooseneck.

How much does a 40 foot PJ trailer weight?

Estimated Weights

Length Estimated Base Weight†
34′ 4620 lbs. / 2100 kg
36′ 4780 lbs. / 2173 kg
38′ 4880 lbs. / 2218 kg
40′ 4980 lbs. / 2264 kg

Does PJ make enclosed trailers?

PJ Trailers | Trailers For Less | Trailers in GA | Cargo, Flatbed, Enclosed, Dump, and Equipment Trailers in GA.

Who makes PJ dump trailers?

Nationwide Trailers
Nationwide Trailers is proud to offer PJ Trailer’s products in our 5 locations across Texas. Established in 1991, PJ Trailers has become the premier trailer manufacturer in North America. The PJ Trailer brand is synonymous with high-end, superbly constructed trailers.

Are Dexter axles made in the USA?

Today, Dexter remains headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, employing over 2,400 people in the U.S. and Canada, operating 18 manufacturing facilities in ten states/provinces. Over 3 million axles are produced annually and over 50 million axles have been installed over the last 60 years.

What kind of parts are in PJ Trailers?

PJ Trailers parts store offers axle assemblies and components, brake assemblies, hardware, suspensions, tires & wheels, jacks, towing accessories, and more. PJ Trailers only uses the best components and can be sourced from one of our 300 plus dealers across the US.

Do you want to be a PJ Trailers dealer?

PJ Trailers wants to help you grow your trailer dealership! We offer the most powerful suite of online dealer tools in the industry, as well as a knowledgeable and available sales team. We stand behind our products and are committed to effective communication with our dealers.

What kind of Lights do I need for a PJ trailer?

We offer several optional addons such as light bars, LED packages, and standard light packages. We also carry wiring harnesses. You can choose the lighting package or just the single light that you need.