Resignation Acceptance Letter Template – Format, Sample and Example

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Resignation Acceptance Letter Template – Format, Sample and Example

Hiring and firing is a normal process for every company. Even if a company does not fire an employee there is no guarantee that he will not leave his job. Actually, there are various reasons for which an employee decides to resign from his or her post. For example, an employee may resign from a particular post due to some payment issues, health issue, personal issues, family problems, migration from one state to another, etc.

When an employee gives resignation from their job it is important for the employer to handle the situation very delicately.  It is important for the company to respond to the Letter of the resignation of the employee in a formal and professional manner.  Once the employee gives you the resignation letter it becomes the duty of the supervisor that he respond to the letter by doing any kind of delay.

But writing a resignation acceptance letter is never an easy task as just like any other business letter it is important to use the right words and right tone in this kind of letter. Hence, it is mostly seen that most of the managers do not feel too comfortable in writing the resignation acceptance letter and they just write ‘Accepted’ in the return email or letter when an employee gives a resignation letter.  But this is not professionalism. As such in this article, we have come up with a standard template and format for writing resignation acceptance letter so that you can use that at the time of replying to your subordinate’s resignation letter.

Template for writing a resignation acceptance letter

The following is a standard template of writing a resignation letter:


< Your Email ID>

Date: Date of the day when you will be sending the letter to the employee


< Employee’s Name>

< Employee’s Designation>

Subject: Accepting the resigning from the post of

Dear Mr. ,

We have received your resignation letter from the post of and considering the situation that you have mentioned in your letter we have accepted your resignation. As mentioned in your resignation letter your last working day will be as per the employment contract and labor law.

Based on the nature of the work and the team that you used to handle you have to give a time period of

Nevertheless to say you have always been a valuable employee to the company. We always value your contribution and the way you handle your team and we appreciate you for the results that you had produced for the company. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Best Wishes,

Format for writing the resignation acceptance letter

While writing the resignation acceptance letter you have to follow the following standard letter format:

  • Just like any other formal letter, it is also important to provide the name, address and contact information of both the employee and employer. Apart from that, it is also essential to provide the date of the day when you will be sending the letter. This will help to determine when you have responded the resignation letter of the employee. In the subject, you can clearly mention that it is the resignation acceptance letter.
  • While writing the resignation acceptance letter it is very essential to make it clear that whether you are accepting the resignation of the employee or not. It is very important to specify it clearly so that the employee does not remain in any kind confusion over the issue whether his resignation is accepted or not.
  • You should also state the official last working day of the employee with the company so that it becomes clear up to which date the employee has to continue his duty. You must also tell the employee that he has to hand over all the details of the on-going project and company asset before leaving the job on his last day.
  • It is also very essential that you make multiple copies of the letter so that you can keep one copy of the letter in employee’s file, send another one to the employee, and keep another one with you and another one in the HR office. This is important to keep the record of the employee for maintaining a clear record of the employee even when he leaves the company.
  • After writing the resignation acceptance letter it is very important to check the letter multiple times so that there remain no grammatical or spelling mistakes in the letter as it will certainly create a bad impression in the mind of the employee.