Michio Kaku: How new technologies will change our world?

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Michio Kaku shared his predictions for the future in various fields of science and medicine, and also spoke about how in the future the technical progress will affect society.

In the lecture on “Physics of the future” Kaku revealed his vision for the future development of our society, and also spoke about the technologies that are just beginning to enter our everyday life, and in a few decades, we simply cannot exist without them. Publishes the main points of the lecture by Michio Kaku.

Internet Glass. Great attention to Dr. Kaku has devoted to these gadgets, with a description of all the features that will be available to the user. He sees very innovative that through augmented reality glasses can do. It and face detection, and video conferencing, and purchase of various products after scanning their QR-code, movies and other features that are now available using a PC.

According to Kaku, familiar to the user of the computer will be transported to another environment and all the time information will be in front of him. As you know, Google has already released the first batch of their eyewear Glass, but for testers. In the mass production of augmented reality glasses should arrive in the next year. However, according to Dr. Kaku, this gadget will be very popular for a dozen years and almost every.

Digitize everything. Soon everything will be digitized: money, education, medicine, the whole world goes digital. According to Michio Kaku, when the world moves to electronic money, it will make our lives much easier. For example, to pay at any store will be using a mobile phone. Music and movies no one else would buy in regular stores. She will fully switch to digital and you can buy everything online.

“One after another industry is digitized. This is done in order to make our lives cheaper and easier. All this is done for our comfort,” says Michio Kaku.

Speaking about the transition of medicine in the figure, Kaku offers to reflect how difficult this is.

According to him, an era chips. The chip can be so small that it can be inserted into any body and receive information from it. MRI machines are the size of a suitcase, and you can get records of its genome. The growing parts of the human body will be massive.

“We grow more and more bodies. The following will be grown in the liver. All alcoholics that are in the room today, drink today and we, the scientists, hopefully, will raise liver before your disintegrate”, – says Dr. Kaku.

Interactive communication with the holograms. In the near future, physical human presence is replaced with a hologram of him. The video will take a big step forward. For example, explains Michio Kaku, you can call the doctor and his hologram appears on the wall. You will be able to get advice, even from the comfort of home. So you’ll be able to contact a lawyer and get some advice on your question.

“Robot-lawyer will appear on your wall for next to nothing will give you a consultation,” Kaku describes the possibilities of our near future.

We will note, recently Microsoft said they were going a similar function to run Skype.

Car of the future. In a few slides Michio Kaku showed how will look like our car after 8 years. The main trend that awaits people in the future is a car without a driver. Right from the car you buy online music, book plane tickets, or even “purchase” at a grocery store. All this will be implemented using advanced portable device built into the car. A car without a driver will use the GPS, radar and special chips. Kaku shared his experience that he was able to ride in the same car, which is currently still very small.

“The word “computer” and the word “crash” will disappear from our language after the world will enjoy the car,” says Kaku.

3D-printer. These devices have already begun to enter our everyday life and everyone wishes for a few thousand dollars can buy it. Michio Kaku believes that in the near future, these printers will revolutionize the world. They can be used to print whatever they want. For example, says Michio, a Christmas gift can be sent in the form of the design of any “toys” via e-mail. The recipient will be able to print the model on a 3D printer. In General, every home will be able to create their own mini-factory.

We will note, now these printers scientists have successfully printed human organs, and “advanced” users – weapons.

Perfect capitalism. According to Kaku, it all leads humanity to the ideal of capitalism.

“Today, capitalism is based on supply and demand. However, in the conventional scheme, there is no precision. You don’t know how much. In the future, when you come to the store, you’ll know exactly who has the cheapest product and who is the best. What profit will the company, you will know everything. If you are a company – you will know who buys your product, you will have a lot of data about your customer. In a perfect capitalism, the branding becomes the most important. Everyone knows everything about something. It’s called popular capitalism”, says Dr. Michio Kaku.

Connecting the brain to the computer. Michio Kaku is a bit focused on this topic, saying that the study of the brain today, new horizons. World leaders allocate more and more funds to programs whose main goal is to connect the brain to the computer.

For example, a fully paralyzed man, Michio Kaku told how such a person to make viable. Scientists have inserted into his brain chip and connected to the computer. Now he can surf the web, answer emails, write letters, play computer games, control their wheelchair and to control home appliances. That is, it can do everything that ordinary man.

Also connected to the computer and the brain of the famous scientist of our time Stephen Hawking.

The fight against aging. “We now begin to understand the aging process. This construction of the cell errors. Genes control the aging process. But did you know that some animals live forever? Believe it or not, some animals live so long that we can’t even measure their life expectancy. For example, alligators, crocodiles live forever. You say, “this is nonsense and they live 70 years.” But nobody really didn’t see the old alligator or crocodile. We are 98% identical to chimpanzees. Only a few genes distinguish us from them. Very soon we will find the genes that control the aging process and can change them”, – said Kaku.

Summing up his presentation about the technologies that will soon alter our world, Dr. Michio Kaku said that “the future is us and our capabilities”.

“The future is a big train that rides on rails. Some people say, “I’m too old to not take it. I can’t learn”, but young people think differently: “This is my train, this is my future. I want to be a machinist, I want to drive it, so it is my destiny this is my future,” said Kaku.