Is there a map of the wildfires in California?

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Is there a map of the wildfires in California?

This California wildfire map displays the best-known locations and perimeters of fires in California. Keep in mind that while elements in the map are updated daily, it should not be treated as a live map and is not intended to display evacuation routes. Location Search.

Is there a evacuation map for the fire in California?

Disclaimer: This is not an evacuation map. For evacuation information, check your local law enforcement agency website or call them directly. If your local agency provides a map with any of this information – use their map! There are two major types of current fire information: fire perimeter and hot spot data:

When did the 2015 California wildfires start and end?

Fires Name County Acres Km 2 Start Date Butte Amador 70,868 286.8 September 9, 2015 Valley Lake 76,067 307.8 September 12, 2015 Tassajara Monterey 1,086 4.4 September 19, 2015 Solimar Ventura 1,388 5.6 December 25, 2015

When does the fire season start in California?

In the past, California fire season ran from May through October, with peak risk from July through October. With climate change as a contributing factor, however, the season is beginning earlier and ending later each year. Some experts suggest that the fire season in California is now year-round.

What was the cost of the California wildfires in 2014?

By mid-May, fire officials said they had already dealt with 1,400 wildfires in California in 2014 – twice the normal amount for that time of year – and a spokesman for CAL FIRE described the conditions as “unprecedented.” The May 2014 San Diego County wildfires were estimated to have caused at least $60 million (2014 USD) in damage.

How big was the fire in California in 2012?

In the context of the 2012–13 North American drought (especially the 2011–17 California drought ), as well as powerful Santa Ana winds, weather conditions were ideal for wildfires. A total of 7,865 wildfires ignited throughout the year, which burned at least 625,540 acres (2,531.5 km 2) of land.