Is there a capital city beginning with I?

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Is there a capital city beginning with I?

This is a list of national capitals with their name beginning with the Letter I, Theirs only one capital city with the name starting with the letter I.

What is a capital that starts with L?

List of national capitals

City/Town Country/Territory
London United Kingdom
Luanda Angola
Lusaka Zambia
Luxembourg Luxembourg

Is capital starting with H?

Only including sovereign states, not dependencies or territories….Capital Cities Beginning With H.

Hint Answer
Harare Zimbabwe
Havana Cuba
Helsinki Finland
Honiara Solomon Islands

What is a capital city beginning with A?

World Capital Cities – Sortable alphabetically by World Capitals or Countries

Country Capital City
Algeria Algiers
Andorra Andorra la Vella
Angola Luanda
Antigua and Barbuda Saint John’s

Is Paris a capital?

Paris is the national capital of France.

What is a thing that starts with L?

4 letter words that start with L

  • labs.
  • lace.
  • lack.
  • lacs.
  • lacy.
  • lade.
  • lads.
  • lady.

What currency is used in Paris?

Euro, the European currency – Paris Tourist Office – Paris tourist office.

What is the first capital of the world?

Damascus. Today the Syrian capital is often touted as the world’s oldest inhabited city (with radio carbon dating suggesting some occupation as early as 8000 to 10000 B.C), but several other cities, including Jericho in the West Bank and Byblos in Lebanon, could challenge for that title.

Which is the capital city beginning with a C?

Capital Cities beginning with C Cairo Canberra Caracas Castries Chisinau Conakry Copenhagen

Are there any capital cities that start with T?

Capital Cities beginning with T. Taipei. Tallinn. Tashkent. Tbilisi. Tegucigalpa. Tehran. Thimphu. Tirana.

When do you capitalise the word I in a sentence?

The following situations always require a capital letter: The first-person pronoun ‘I’, along with the contractions ‘I’m’ and ‘I’ll’ Proper nouns related to nationality, (e.g. ‘Frenchman’ or ‘Englishman’) Months and days of the week (e.g. ‘We met on a Thursday in June’)

Are there any capital cities that start with K?

Capital Cities beginning with K. Kabul. Kampala. Kathmandu. Khartoum. Kiev. Kigali. Kingston. Kingstown.