Is Stentor a good violin?

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Is Stentor a good violin?

Stentor is the leading manufacturer of high quality student violins and orchestral stringed instruments worldwide. Stentor violins, violas, cellos and double basses are recommended by music teachers and music services for their quality. The Stentor name is known for quality, consistency and reliability.

What is a good entry level violin?

Here are the 10 best violins for beginners:

  • Mendini MV300 Violin.
  • D Z Strad Model 101 Violin.
  • Cecilio CVN-300 Violin.
  • Cremona SV-175 Violin.
  • Cecilio CVN-500 Violin.
  • Mendini MV200 Violin.
  • Franz Hoffmann Amadeus Violin.
  • Bunnel Pupil Violin.

What is the difference between a Stentor Student 1 and 2 violin?

Stentor II Cello It is made from a higher grade of solid tone wood than the Student 1 model. It features a solid spruce front, and solid maple back, neck and ribs. The fingerboard and tuning pegs are made from ebony and the tailpiece from alloy with adjusters making tuning easy.

Which is the best Stentor violin to buy?

The Stentor Student violin is recommended by teachers and music services for its quality and reliability. The violin is made from solid tonewoods, in Stentor’s unique workshop environment, producing an instrument with good Stentor 3/4 Violin for sale. Includes bow, case and German shoulder rest.

How big is a Stentor student 1 viola?

Pre-owned, like NEW – 1/32 size (for a 4 year old) Stentor Chestnut Student1 Violin in case. Comes with velvet shoulder rest, Pirastro Obligato Rosin & fitted with new Pirastro strings. The stentor student Violin. Body length 310mm size 1/2 Viola is in very good condition, case is in good condition.

What kind of music does Stentor music make?

Teachers and music educators everywhere recognize the quality and value we offer. Stentor violins, violas, cellos and double basses are carved from solid tonewoods, from the initial instrument shape to the finer details. Instruments are individually thicknessed for quality of sound.

How big should the string be on a Stentor?

An overly high nut means the string height is high and consequently requires more effort to push down. Lowering the nut will lower the action. My rule of thumb is that the string should be one string diameter over the fingerboard. However, this may be personal preference and some people prefer higher string actions.