Is Shirley in love with Lelouch?

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Is Shirley in love with Lelouch?

So in a way, Shirley loved both Lelouch and Zero which proves her love is not only for a personality that Lelouch created. This fact gives Shirley a strong case for who Lelouch could return his feelings. Lelouch’s true love is someone who loves every part of him, not just the ones they prefer.

Does Lelouch care about Shirley?

Yes. Lelouch genuinely cared about Shirley – and most of the members of the student council, but even then, Shirley was special. He knew she liked him romantically and I’d wager he liked her as well, even if not so obsessively. Lelouch is an incredibly cunning character.

What episode does Shirley Kiss Lelouch?

Shirley kisses Lelouch [English] [Code Geass Episode 12]

Is Lelouch asexual?

He’s not asexual, he’s an 18 yr old boy with hormones at its peak and pretty girls around him, I would have been happy knowing hey got to have some fun at least.

Why did Lelouch call himself LL?

By the end of the film, the implication is that Lelouch is going to continue being “dead.” He gives up his name and starts going by the initials L.L. to imply that while he may have returned, he’s not going back to his old ways.

Why does Shirley love Lelouch more than Shirley?

Much to her chagrin, everyone in the Student Council is aware that she loves Lelouch; Lelouch just has more on his mind than Shirley’s love for him. She comes from a Brittainian military family and as consequence is very cultured and privileged.

Why did Shirley try to kill Lelouch in Code Geass?

Plagued by insecurities, Shirley was manipulated by Mao, a mind reading Geass user, to try and kill Lelouch. In pain of her losses, Shirley almost killed him, but her shot caused Lelouch to drop her photos which he had taken and reminded her of her love for him, causing her to refuse killing him.

Why does Shirley Fenette think Lelouch is zero?

Lelouch merely claims they had a fight to dismiss her confusing behavior. Later on, Shirley finds the half-finished letter she had written before losing her memories, which identifies Lelouch as Zero. Naturally, she is confused, since she clearly wrote it but doesn’t remember doing so.

When did Lelouch first meet Suzaku Kururugi?

Lelouch as a child, when he was exiled to Japan as a political hostage. It was during his stay at the Kururugi household that he first met Suzaku Kururugi, with whom the young Lelouch did not interact initially in a friendly way, before later becoming friends.