Is Austin Rivers close with his dad?

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Is Austin Rivers close with his dad?

In 2016, Austin told ESPN that he and his dad don’t really have a relationship outside of basketball, admitting that they never discuss their personal lives and saying “He and I don’t know each other like that,” adding it was largely because his dad was gone so much of his childhood traveling as a player and a coach.

When did Austin Rivers play for his dad?

Austin also knows that look as one of Doc’s players. He is the first player in NBA history to have ever played for his father after suiting up for the the Clippers from 2015-18 before he was traded to the Washington Wizards. The younger Rivers admitted in 2016 that the two weren’t particularly close off the court.

Is Austin Rivers only in the NBA because of his dad?

He was the only player in NBA history to be coached by his own father, Doc Rivers. The end result was a level of trash talk, and scrutiny that no other player has ever received. It was something fans could see from the outside, but Rivers confirmed it himself on Instagram.

Do Austin Rivers and Doc Rivers have a good relationship?

Doc and Austin Rivers have a relationship that very few people on this planet will understand. It’s always interesting to witness their mix of competitive and family banter.

Who did Doc Rivers marry?

Kristen Riversm. 1986
Doc Rivers/Spouse

How rich is Austin Rivers?

net worth: Austin Rivers is an American professional basketball player who has a net worth of $23 million. Austin Rivers was born in Santa Monica, California in August 1992. He is the son of professional basketball coach and former professional basketball player Doc Rivers.

Is Glenn Doc Rivers married?

Is Nate Mcmillan married?

Michelle McMillan
Nate McMillan/Spouse

Is Austin Rivers Doc Rivers biological son?

It consists of Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers, his ex-wife Kristen Rivers, his children Jeremiah, Callie, Austin, and Spencer Rivers….Family.

Family Members Relation to player Biography
Austin Rivers Doc’s son Austin is Doc’s middle son and plays shooting guard for the Denver Nuggets.

What’s Austin Rivers salary?

1.1 crores USD (2017)
Austin Rivers/Salary

How many kids does Austin Rivers have?

They have been married for over three decades since 31 May 1986. They together have three sons and a daughter named Austin Rivers, Jeremiah Rivers , Spencer Rivers, and Callie Rivers.

Who is Austin Rivers’ girlfriend?

So, who is Austin Rivers’ girlfriend Audreyana Michelle? In March, multiple news outlets reported that Austin was dating model Audreyana Michelle. The couple first went public with their relationship on Audreyana’s Instagram in February 2020, and later he began sharing photos of them on his own. Now, they are expecting a baby together.

Is Austin Rivers related to Doc Rivers?

Doc Rivers and Austin Rivers don’t have typical father-son relationship. (NBA Photos/NBAE/Getty Images) Doc Rivers, a former NBA Coach of the Year, didn’t win any Father of the Year awards. Because Doc was away, playing and coaching in the NBA, while Austin Rivers grew up in Florida, went off to Duke and made it to the NBA himself.

Who is Austin Rivers sister?

Young Austin Rivers is the third child born to coach Doc Rivers and wife Kristen, he has three siblings, Jeremiah and sister Callie his older siblings and young brother Spencer.