How many academic libraries are there in the United States?

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How many academic libraries are there in the United States?

ALA Library Fact Sheet 1

Public Libraries (administrative units) 9,057
Academic Libraries 3,094
Less than four-year
Four-year and above
School Libraries 98,460

How many ARL libraries are there?

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is a nonprofit organization of 125 research libraries at comprehensive, research institutions in Canada and the United States.

What are academic and research libraries?

An academic library is a library that is attached to a higher education institution and serves two complementary purposes: to support the curriculum, and to support the research of the university faculty and students. Modern academic libraries generally also provide access to electronic resources.

Is ACRL part of ALA?

Representing more than 9,000 individuals and libraries, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), the largest division of the American Library Association, develops programs, products, and services to help those working in academic and research libraries learn, innovate, and lead within the academic …

Which state has the most public libraries?

state of New York
There were 756 public libraries in the state of New York, making it the state with the largest number of public libraries in the U.S. in 2014.

Which country has the most libraries?

What country has the Most Public Libraries in the World?

Location Public Libraries
China 51,311
Russia 46,000
India 29,800
Ukraine 18,323

Where is the first research library located?

The first libraries appeared five thousand years ago in Southwest Asia’s Fertile Crescent, an area that ran from Mesopotamia to the Nile in Africa.

What is an ARL institution?

ARL is a nonprofit membership organization of 124 research libraries in Canada and the US. The Association operates as a forum for the exchange of ideas and as an agent for collective action. Membership in ARL is institutional. All ARL member institutions are depicted on the interactive map below.

What are the examples of academic library?


Types of Academic Libraries Examples
Large Research Institutions Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Purdue, UCLA, OHSU, Duke
4 Year Public Universities SJSU, CSU Stanislaus, Portland State
Private 4 Year, Liberal Arts Colleges Mills College, Occidental College, Pomona

What are different types of academic library?

National Library.

  • Academic Library: Academic library is the library which is attached to academic institutions like schools, colleges and universities.
  • Special Library: Special library became popular since the beginning of 20th century.
  • Public Library:
  • National Library:

What kind of group is the American Library Association?

nonprofit organization
The American Library Association (ALA) is a nonprofit organization based in the United States that promotes libraries and library education internationally. It is the oldest and largest library association in the world, with more than 57,000 members.

How much is an ALA membership?

ALA Personal Member Types and Dues

Membership Type Cost
First year $75
Second year $114
Student $40
Non-Salaried/ in transition $54

How big is the Association of college and Research Libraries?

The Association of College and Research Libraries is the largest division of the American Library Association. It has a membership of approximately 12,000, accounting for nearly 20% of the total American Library Association membership, and provides a broad range of professional services and programs for a diverse membership.

What is the ACRL value of academic libraries?

ACRL is offering grants of up to $3,000 each for librarians to carry out new research in areas suggested by the 2017 report Academic Library Impact: Improving Practice and Essential Areas to Research (prepared for ACRL by OCLC Research and available for download or purchase ).

What are the current trends in academic libraries?

The wider launch of FOLIO and the potential adoption of FASTEN will need to be closely watched. The goals driving the development of both FOLIO and FASTEN are touched on in a recent issue brief by the Ohio Library and Information Network (OhioLINK) and Ithaka S+R. 7 However, the document quickly moves past them to look even further ahead.

Which is the best library system for academic libraries?

Innovative provides a number of integrated library system (ILS) products, including Sierra and Polaris, but its saturation of the ILS market for academic libraries is relatively low compared to its market share within public library systems.