How do I join the Eden Group?

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How do I join the Eden Group?

Join the Group

  1. Talk to Instructor Boya moc_para012535 behind the center of the counter in the Eden Group Headquarters.
  2. Talk to Secretary Lime Evenor moc_para012735 to register and select Join the Eden Group.
  3. Talk to Instructor Boya again when you reached base level 12 to start the Eden Group Equipments Quests.

How do you get Eden Group Mark?

Registration can be done by talking to Secretary Lime Evenor and selecting “Join the Eden Group”. Once registered, the player will receive an Eden Group Mark and will be able to interact with the various quest board NPCs located in the Eden Group HQ.

How do you get Eden Group Single tickets?

First, you need to buy the Eden Group ticket. To purchase this ticket, you need to find the NPC Flessi (Amusement Park Merchant) at the Prontera South Gate. He is just on the left top corner of the map near the earth road crossing. Talk to the NPC and purchase the Eden Ticket.

How do I cancel my Eden quest?

There are currently no options to cancel or abandon a quest but there’s an option to hide it. Some quests also expire such as guild quest after a few days.

How do I start the Eden quest?

How to Start the Eden Raid. You’ll need to be level 80, and you’ll have to have completed the final main scenario quest of Shadowbrings. If you’ve fulfilled the requirements, just head to the Crystarium at X:9.7 Y:12.3 and talk to the Anxious Crystarium Guard.

Where can I find Instructor Boya?

Instructor Boya.

  • Location: Inside Paradise Group Headquarters in Morroc.
  • Map & Position: moc_para01 (25, 35)
  • How do you get to Thanatos Tower?

    To enter to Thanatos tower you must go to hu_fild01, talk to the guard and pay the fee to enter to the tower. Inside, you have to talk to the Guide, called Ditze, and apply for the repairs on the tower. She’ll request you going to the next floor to find the 2nd Floor Guide.

    How do I get to Eden Ragnarok?


    1. To access the Eden Group Headquarters, Proceed to North part of Morroc, you shall find Eden located towards the east of Kafra employee (190, 256).
    2. Alternatively, Eden Group could be accessed through Warpra.
    3. Furthermore, you can use @go 39 or simply @go Eden.

    How do you unlock the new Eden?

    Eden’s Promise in Final Fantasy 14 is unlocked in Amh Araeng. Eden’s Promise can be unlocked by talking to Yalfort in Amh Araeng (X:26.7 Y:16.7), but you need to be current on your content before he’ll let you into the new raid.

    Where do you unlock Eden promise Savage?

    Unlock. To access Eden’s Promise (Savage), players must speak with Lewrey in Amh Araeng (X:26.8 Y:16.4) with a level 80 Disciple of War/Magic after completing the quest, Where I Belong.

    Where is orc village Ragnarok Mobile?

    Orc Village is home to the tribal race of Orcs….

    Orc Village
    Level 40 – 50
    Government Village
    Rulers Orc Lord
    Location south of Geffen

    How do you summon Thanatos Hades?

    Basically, players will have to get lucky and find him out in the Underworld and hope he reappears inside the House of Hades. Once players encounter him several times they just have to gift him the Nectar in order to trigger Thanatos’ favor.

    What do you get from the Eden Group Quests?

    Furthermore, after completing the third quest, one can upgrade their Eden Group hat with +2 to a single statistic. (See below.) The fourth quest provides players with the third Eden Group weapon, and even more stronger armor set. The equipment can be sold to NPCs, but it is not possible to re-do those quests after Transcending.

    Who is the Secretary of the Eden Group?

    When entering Eden Group, talking to Instructor Boya of Para (moc_para01,25,35) and Secretary Lime Evenor (moc_para01,27,35) in order for registering member. After that, you can talking to the board for doing quest within Eden Group.

    Can you put weapons in the Eden Group?

    Eden Group items have no weight, but they cannot be placed in storage, refined, nor hold cards, meaning that they will eventually be outclassed by general equipment. It is generally recommended to keep these weapons for Transcending, as quests cannot be repeated.

    When do you get the Eden Group hat?

    The quests from level 12 to 39 have two possibles mission set, while the quests from level 40 to 69 have three possibles mission set (You get one of the available mission set, not all). Any training missions from Boya gonna gives you the Eden Group Hat and the Eden Group Manteau if you don’t have it already (i.e If you missed the first quest).