How do I get weather radar on my iPhone?

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How do I get weather radar on my iPhone?

Best Weather Radar App for iPhone and iPad

  1. Dark Sky Weather. This app is rated to offer the best hyperlocal weather information around you.
  2. NOAA Weather Radar Live.
  3. RadarScope.
  4. RainAware Weather Timer.
  5. Weather Underground.
  6. AccuWeather.
  7. WeatherBug.
  8. 8. Yahoo Weather.

What is the best weather radar app for iPhone?

The 8 Best Weather Radar Apps of 2021

  • Best Overall: AccuWeather at Apple.
  • Best Design: Dark Sky at Apple.
  • Best for Comprehensive Info: The Weather Channel at Apple.
  • Best for Local Weather: Weather Underground at Apple.
  • Best Maps: WeatherBug at Apple.
  • Best for Tracking Multiple Locations: NOAA Weather Radar Live at Apple.

Is there a WeatherBug widget for iPhone?

With WeatherBug on your iPhone, you’ll get the weather details you need plus extras like featured videos, a live air quality map, weather news, and live cams. The WeatherBug widget provides you with the basics like current conditions and a four-hour forecast for the day.

What happened to the WeatherBug app?

In late 2016, Earth Networks sold the WeatherBug brand to xAd (now known as Ground Truth). Ground Truth now operates and manages the WeatherBug consumer brand that millions of people use on their mobile phones.

Is there a weather widget for iPhone?

With iOS 14, you can create a Weather widget on your Home Screen or in Today View — giving you quick access to the conditions for your location. Learn more about creating and using widgets on your iPhone.

What is the best free weather app for iPhone?

Best Weather Apps for iPhone in 2021

  • RadarScope.
  • Hurricane by American Red Cross.
  • The Weather Channel.
  • Dark Sky.
  • WeatherBug.
  • Weather Underground.
  • CARROT Weather.
  • Weather Live.

What happened to iPhone weather app?

Back in March 2020, it emerged that Apple made a key acquisition of a weather app startup, Dark Sky, easily one of the best weather apps on iOS and Android before Apple shut it down.

How do I get the weather app back on my iPhone?

If your iPhone has a Home button, just press and hold the Sleep/Wake button instead, then and slide to power off as usual. Slide to power off and restart your iPhone. Wait 30 seconds after your iPhone powers off before pressing the Side button or the Sleep/Wake button again to restart it. Step 5. Reinstall the Weather app

Which is the best weather app for iPad?

Download the weather forecast app used and loved by millions, awarded the “Best Weather App” in 2019 and 2016 by Mediapost Appy Awards. Also, voted the “Best Weather App for iPads” by AppPicker, and “Best App for Moms” by Parent Magazine: WeatherBug!

Why is the weather widget not working on my iPhone?

If the Weather widget still doesn’t work properly, there might be an issue with the Weather app itself. Although this is a pre-installed app, you can still delete it from your iPhone and install it again to fix these issues. When you delete the Weather app, you won’t lose any locations you saved in it.

How many different weather maps does WeatherBug have?

The weather app has 18 different weather maps, including: Doppler radar, lightning, wind, temperature, alerts, pressure, and humidity. Join the millions who rely on WeatherBug for weather forecasts every day! “I love WeatherBug! It’s always accurate & is the first place I go for up-to-the minute weather!” –iOS User