Do I need an emissions test in Missouri?

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Do I need an emissions test in Missouri?

The State of Missouri requires vehicle emissions tests and smog checks for non-exempt vehicles in metropolitan areas deemed to be in “non-attainment” status in meeting the Federal Clean Air Act’s air quality standards.

How much is a PA emissions inspection?

$39.99 PA State Inspection & Emissions Test.

What do I need to bring for CT emissions test?

To complete the test, drive your car to a state emissions testing facility with your vehicle, bring your test notification (if the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles mailed one to the owner’s residence), and be ready to pay the test fee.

What year cars are exempt from emissions in Missouri?

The Missouri measure also exempts all vehicles 26-years old and older from emissions inspections. The 26-year rolling emissions test exemption will replace current law which only exempts vehicles manufactured prior to the 1971 model year.

Is Missouri doing away with vehicle inspections?

The new rules will mean an estimated 1.1 million vehicles in Missouri that are 5 to 10 years old will no longer need an inspection. That’s more than one-fifth of the roughly 5.1 million vehicles registered in the state, according to a nonpartisan fiscal analysis of the proposal.

How long can you drive with an expired inspection sticker in PA?

If your vehicle inspection expires, you can legally drive your vehicle to an inspection station within 10 days of the expiration, only if you have booked an appointment at the station and can prove you are driving there.

Do you need to bring anything for emissions test?

What should I bring for the test? You should bring your vehicle, the test notice, and/or your registration card, along with the test fee. You can pay your test fee by cash, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, check (made payable to VEIP), money order or traveler’s check.

What do I do after emissions test?

Once your vehicle passes the emissions test, save time and renew your registration online at You may also renew at an MVD or Authorized Third Party office.

How are emissions inspection and maintenance programs help?

Vehicle inspection and maintenance (I/M) programs help improve air quality by identifying cars and truck with high emissions and that may need repairs. Owners or operators of vehicles with high emissions are notified to make any repairs so that emissions are within legal limits.

Is there an emissions testing program in Illinois?

Additionally, the Illinois Vehicle Emissions Inspection Law of 2005 (625 ILCS 5/13C) requires a vehicle emissions inspection program to reduce air pollution from motor vehicles in these areas of Illinois.

What do you need to know about the Clean Air Act?

The federal Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. § 7511a) requires vehicle emissions inspection programs in large, urbanized areas that do not meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone.

How does the Illinois EPA enforce emissions requirements?

The Illinois EPA enforces the vehicle emissions inspection requirement by partnering with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office to deny vehicle license plate registrations to non-complying vehicles. Additional information about the Illinois EPA’s vehicle emissions inspection program can be found at .