Quantum Physics

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Common Velocity and Equal-accelerated Straight-Line Motion

Velocity is a vector amount that characterizes the pace of motion of a physique in area. Velocity is common and instantaneous. The instantaneous velocity describes the motion at a specific second in time at a specific level in area, and the common velocity characterizes the entire motion, typically, without describing the small print of the […]

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Light-Bearing Aether or the Medium of Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves

Nothing became everything: there was a vacuum, Since traditional education hammers people’s heads with tons of formulas and mathematical abstractions from school and college years, many people have difficulties in understanding such an obvious fact as the existence of a medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Official science tells us that electromagnetic waves do […]

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What is really real?

Based on Owen Maroney, functioned like a physicist in Oxford college, as the debut of quantum idea at 1900 had been referring to the strangeness with the principle. Since it lets the contaminants and also the molecules to proceed around in a lot of instructions at an identical period, or randomly turning clockwise and counterclockwise. […]

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Quantum physics for dummies Part 2

Quantum tunneling At 1960 carried out electric experiments using superconductors divided by means of a microscopic picture of nonconductive aluminum oxide. It was, despite logic and physics, a few of the electrons pass through the insulating material. This affirmed the notion in regards to the prospect of quantum tunneling influence. It insures not just power, […]

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Quantum physics for dummies Part 1

For the new version of the book “the Phase” (2015) had one paragraph and it is clear to the layman to Express those things, the understanding of which usually takes weeks and months. You may these compressed knowledge will be useful. To simplify the understanding of quantum physics is described in theory and experiments. First […]

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Facts about quantum physics that everyone should know

Unprepared university student quantum physics disturbs from your adventure. She is odd and counterintuitive, also to physicists that suffer from this daily. However, it isn’t incomprehensible. Should you want to know more about quantum physics, then in reality that there are just six important theories as a result which you have to stay at heart. […]

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How the mind process matter

Quantum physics has dramatically improved our perspective of earth. In accordance with quantum physics, how we could sway his intellect at the practice of treatment! How come this is potential? By your perspective of quantum physics, our simple that the way to obtain absolute potentiality, the way to obtain raw substances, that can be your […]

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Quantum physics and reality

All contemporary theories predicated on quantum mechanics, that clarifies the behavior of nuclear and subatomic particles. Quantum physics basically distinct in classical, Newtonian physics. Classical physics addresses the outline of this behavior of materials items, whilst quantum physics is more focused just within the mathematical outline of these procedures of measurement and observation. Physical cloth […]

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