Here you’ll find the texts that describe stars, galaxies and other astronomical objects

How to see interstellar dust?

Just how do we review interstellar dirt in distances of tens of thousands and countless of light years, moreover, its normal elevation at the distance of unimaginably modest just 10 into the minus twenty five levels per cubic centimeter. The dirt, together side interstellar fuel creates a gas dust chemical in the gasoline bulk is […]

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The binary star concept Part 2

It is interesting that there is still almost the same lines, but with a large offset. It is the inner layers surpass the outer. The high Shine visible radiation line heavier than hydrogen, the ionized elements. This means that expanded through the atmosphere shines through the surface of the hot core. Then the absorption line […]

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The binary star concept Part 1

In societies that are happy in relation to culture, astronomy is in great esteem. A member of this group, in the distant 1897, created the Atlas of the starry sky (“sky Guide”), which was then reprinted many times. Describing double stars, he admired their beauty: one blue and the other pink, or one orange and […]

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What are gamma-ray bursts?

To gamma beams, in phrases: the longer energy, the more the more tougher that the radiation, the more the more bigger, the more thicker. On gamma assortment include things like quanta of electromagnetic radiation with energies in 10eV5 eV to 10^16 eV. By contrast, the quanta of observable radiation can be really a far lesser […]

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Could solar flare destroy the life on Earth?

Nearly 10 percent of celebrities have been designed for creating super spike really have a magnetic area, the anxiety that will be much like or poorer in relation to the magnetic area of sunlight. This astrophysics reasoned that sunlight has the ability to create a teaser which may ruin life in the world, studies bare […]

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Connections with other universes

14 June 2016 the members of the Presidium heard the scientific message “wormholes and multiple universes”. The message on the report. Wormholes have been theoretically predicted in the framework of the General Theory of Relativity immediately after it is created, a hundred years ago. Wormholes represent two inputs similar to the inputs into the black holes. […]

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All you need to know about supernova Part 2

The air of this superstar as soon as of explosion at the effect of the combination of development is now twisted, and that can be nearer to the heart of the celebrity would be the significant factors (around iron), and even much higher using each coating more moderate to hydrogen. Every time a devastating compression […]

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All you need to know about supernova Part 1

Supernova the complete destruction of a star. The remnants of the supernova explosion is expanding with great speed the nebula. In some cases, in the center of the nebula observed cowering to the super dense state of the core. “Supernova” failed historically the term. “New” was called unexpectedly appearing stars. In fact, they existed before, […]

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How stars die?

They say that the stars are going out at dawn and light up the evening, but at night, when our atmosphere is transparent to visible light and scattered sunlight to create a bright blue background, the stars Shine just like Shine to our ancestors millions of years ago. And yet the stars are not eternal, […]

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