Can you see seals at waxham?

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Can you see seals at waxham?

As with neighbouring Horsey, Waxham beach is a great spot for seal spotting. Grey seals can often be seen bobbing around in the sea and during the winter months they come ashore to give birth. The southern section of the beach here is referred to as Waxham Sands and there is a small holiday park here.

Can you park at waxham?

There is no official parking, you just park on the side of the road and walk to the beach.

Can dogs go on waxham beach?

The fine sand and quiet waters on these beaches make for an ideal walk. There are dog restrictions in the summer at Sea Palling, but you can walk to the east of the beach. Waxham has no restrictions.

Can you see seals at Sea Palling?

Sea Palling is a quiet village on the north Norfolk Coast with an award winning beach and unique areas of unspoilt natural beauty. Nearby Waxham has a rural beach, and is a wonderful location to spot seals close in-shore, and in the winter, the seals can be seen on the beach with their pups.

Where is the best place to see seals in Norfolk?

During the winter months you can see them at Blakeney and Horsey. These are the best places to visit the seals in Norfolk. During the summer months you can see them via a boat trip at Hunstanton and Blakeney. During the winter months you can see them at Blakeney and Horsey.

Are dogs allowed on Holkham Beach Norfolk?

Holkham Beach and The Lookout A favourite spot amongst dog walkers. We welcome dogs on the beach and ask that they are kept under close control or on the lead. Please be aware that there are seasonal restrictions in place on some areas of the beach to help protect ground-nesting birds – click here for more details.

Is Aldeburgh beach dog friendly?

Aldeburgh. Although the main beach has restrictions during the summer months, there is a mile of wide dog-friendly shingle beach just to the North of Aldeburgh which is well signposted, and stretches from the Wentworth Hotel to Thorpeness. Another dog friendly option for Aldeburgh accommodation is the Wentworth Hotel.

Where do you see seals in Norfolk?

Blakeney Point Nature Reserve
In Norfolk you can find common (harbour) and grey seals and the majority have their home in a prime spot on Blakeney Point Nature Reserve. The common seals have their young between June and August, and the pups can swim almost immediately.

What to do in Waxham Norfolk, VA?

20 Best Things To Do In Waxham Near Me | Attractions in Norfolk | Day Out With The Kids. Waxham Beach. Waxham. Outdoor. Beaches. This beach is known as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but more importantly as a fantastic spot for Sea Palling Beach. Horsey Beach. Horsey Gap and River Trip.

Is there parking at Waxham Beach Great Yarmouth?

There is no official parking, you just park on the side of the road and walk to the beach. It gives the whole experience a much more rural feel to it, and all the tourist attractions attached to some of the beaches, such as Hemsby, Great Yarmouth and Cromer are nowhere to be found! Just back to basics – sand, sea and nature.

Is there a campsite next to Waxham Beach?

Just vast stretches of sand in front of you with space to walk where you like and as far as you like. Adjacent to this beach is Waxham Sands. This is a slightly more popular beach as it’s a campsite and holiday park, with easy access to the beach.

What to do with kids at Waxham Beach?

Water babies can paddle in the shallows or have a properly splashy swim in the sea. This is a great spot for surfing so if you don’t mind getting wet, have a go at hanging ten!