Can I bring firewood to Pennsylvania?

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Can I bring firewood to Pennsylvania?

Under this quarantine firewood entering Pennsylvania must be kiln dried, heat treated, fumigated and or USDA certified. To protect Pennsylvania’s urban, suburban, and forested areas from exotic invasive species: If you have already brought firewood from another area, BURN IT. Do not leave it.

Can you take firewood across county lines in PA?

The state of Pennsylvania prohibits the movement of all types of firewood into the state from out of state sources, except for heat-treated, kiln-dried, and/or USDA certified firewood.

Can you bring firewood?

What kind of firewood is safe to move? The short answer to this is that most packaged heat treated firewood with a USDA APHIS heat treatment seal, or a state based (such as a State Department of Agriculture) heat treatment seal is considered safe to move.

Is bringing firewood across state lines illegal?

Without federal firewood regulations, each state has its own rules and regulations in place to restrict the transportation across state lines. It is illegal to move untreated firewood from Massachusetts or Connecticut into Rhode Island, due to the emerald ash borer federal quarantine.

Is it illegal to take driftwood in PA?

The answer to your question is, yes, it is legal, but it does require some paperwork. There are different rules for collecting natural items from the beach, depending on whether it’s for personal or commercial use.

Can you take sticks from the woods?

Is removing firewood legal? Everything within a wood, including fallen branches and logs, is the property of the woodland owner. This means removing logs from a wood without consent is considered theft. Make sure you have the consent of the wood owner before you remove any wood.

Can you take firewood across the Mackinac Bridge?

“We do have signage at the Mackinac Bridge that tells people they’re not allowed to take firewood into the Upper Peninsula and directs them to the Mackinaw City Welcome Center, where there’s a dumpster where they can dump that wood, so they don’t violate the quarantine,” says Bedford.

Is it illegal to move firewood in Michigan?

It is legal to sell firewood in Michigan but MDARD does not recommended that it be moved long distances. To protect against the further spread of EAB, as well as other forest pests such as oak wilt and beech bark disease, firewood that is certified as heat treated should be used.

Should bark be removed from firewood?

One precaution includes removing the bark from the firewood. Bark has creosote, which can build up in the chimney and cause a chimney fire. Removing bark will also help you avoid insect infestations in firewood.

Why is driftwood illegal?

But the Department of Natural Resources says it’s illegal to remove it and violators could face fines. Driftwood provides food and shelter for fish and other wildlife. Boatloads of driftwood have been stolen from places like the Chippewa, Turtle and Willow flowages in northern Wisconsin.