Are Project X graphite shafts good?

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Are Project X graphite shafts good?

Conclusion. As I said in the intro, the Project X graphite shafts are some of the most consistent and accurate that I’ve ever tested. While there are not a lot of different options in the standard line, the Tour Issue line offers enough different weights and profiles to suit a wide variety of different players.

Is Project X LZ a graphite shaft?

The Project X LZ Tour graphite iron shaft has a lot of its steel counterpart’s performance characteristics but with the smoothness and weight of a graphite iron shaft.

Is Project X LZ a good shaft?

In a nutshell, the Project X LZ performed well. The smooth feel is the crowning achievement of the LZ by a mile, but that exceptional feel translates into great performance and playability. By design, the Project X LZ is a mid-launch iron shaft, and it certainly performed as such for me.

Do any pros play with graphite shafts?

Rickie Fowler has confirmed he has switched into graphite shafts in his irons – just like Bryson DeChambeau – as he looks to play his way back into form on the PGA Tour and book his ticket for The Masters in April.

What is torque in a golf shaft?

WHAT IS TORQUE? Shaft torque is measured by a device that records the amount a shaft will twist under a certain amount of force, and it’s recorded in degrees. A shaft with 3 degrees of torque will twist less than a shaft with 5 degrees of torque, and so on.

Does Tiger Woods use graphite shafts?

All the way back in 2004, Tiger Woods switched from a steel shaft to a graphite shaft in his driver (most pros made that switch even earlier). As with every type of golf equipment, the key is to try out both kinds and determine which type best fits your swing.

Should I switch to graphite shafts?

I’ll go as far as saying that more than 50 percent of golfers would find better performance and a more pleasurable experience by switching to graphite. Composite shaft companies have made huge strides in creating iron shafts that mimic the dispersion of steel shafts, but provide more height, speed and better feel.

What does Flex 6.0 mean?

Stiff – 5.5. Stiff Plus – 6.0. Extra Stiff Flex – 6.5. Extra Stiff Plus – 7.0.