Monthly Archives: July 2018

What can be considered as a plagiarism?

Creators of TurnItIn resource classified the resulted and some other cases of plagiarism, breaking them into two groups. In the first were borrowings without a source. These include: “Phantom author” – the author gives out the work done by another person for his, without changing its content. We have this kind of “creativity” distributed in […]

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Light-Bearing Aether or the Medium of Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves

Nothing became everything: there was a vacuum, Since traditional education hammers people’s heads with tons of formulas and mathematical abstractions from school and college years, many people have difficulties in understanding such an obvious fact as the existence of a medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Official science tells us that electromagnetic waves do […]

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Dark energy in the universe

Physicists like to embellish. In their environment, for some time now it has been customary to give “unscientific” names to newly discovered entities. Take at least a strange and enchanted quark. That’s dark energy – not a synonym for dark forces, but a term invented to denote some unusual properties of our universe. The discovery […]

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Properties of dark energy

What are the properties of dark energy known today? Such properties are few, only three. But what is known, can justly cause astonishment. The first is the fact that, unlike “normal” matter, dark energy is not bored, is not going to objects such as galaxies or their clusters. As far as we know, the dark […]

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